Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Sleeping Beside My Little Jordan

Yours, truly me, really love to bond with my little Jordan. No doubt about it. He is my world right now. I will use all my time to play with him, clowning in front of him to make him laugh, talk to him, sing for him...well...just about everything that I can do for him. In turn, Jordan will chat with me and tell about his day. I love to look at his various facial expression. I will sacrifice my sleep just to watch him drifts slowly into his dreamland. Then I will marvel at the sight of him smiling while he is asleep. blissful. But sometimes when I get to tired...I might fall asleep beside my little Jordan...

Daddy loves Jordan~o.

Jordan also loves daddy~

All pictures were taken by my beloved wife. :)

Being close to him makes me feel very blessed. I am grateful to know that God loves me so much that he present  me happiness by endowing me little Jordan. God has always treated me well and...Jordan is his best blessing thus far (more to come). I don't know...sometimes when I am gazing into little Jordan's eyes, I can feel that he is like the closest thing to heaven for me. That's why I wanna be with him all the time.  I wanna take care of him until I am gone. So~Jordan, can daddy sleep beside you?