Monday, October 25, 2010

My Blog Went Missing For 19 Hours

Last Saturday was supposed to be a great day for me. I went for shopping with my wife and little Jordan at Jusco. We really had an enjoyable outing together. My wife and I bought a few more clothes for our baby (he grows up really fast), then we had our dinner at KFC...later we went to grab some sushi for supper and finally we headed home. After I had changed my clothes, I switch my laptop on and as usual hit my blog, to see if there is any comments for my posts...and to my blog was missing...what had happened?

My Blog Went Missing For 19 Hours
You mean my blog? Why?

"This is so not happening!" I thought. I refreshed my blog again and again; I restarted the modem and laptop a few blog was still no where to be seen. What was happening? Then only I remembered that my blog had just been transfered to a new domain provider. Immediately I tried to log on into the control panel of my domain provider. To my utter dismay...the URL of the control panel of my domain provider was invalid! What? The company must be kidding me huh! Then only I realized that my blog had been down since 8p.m.

My Blog Went Missing For 19 Hours
I was so confused...and nope..I was not smiling...

Guess what I did later? I tweeted about what had happened and asked the company (by mentioning the company) for an explanation. If you are following me you would have known which company I am talking about right? Within minutes I received a reply from them. Representative from that company tried to help me to resolve my problem as soon as possible. After quite some time...the root of the problem had been was my fault. What happened?

My Blog Went Missing For 19 Hours
Yeah! I screwed myself...

Apparently I had accidentally activated my domain forwarding feature, hence causing too many redirects...and  voila my blog could not be connected to Google Blogspot. Yupe! Yours, truly me, is hosting my domain on blogspot for FREE. After a few email exchanges with the company, they finally managed to "remedy" the problem for me but I need to wait a few hours in order to revive my blog again. Thank goodness my blog is already up and running again yesterday (Sunday) around 3pm I guess. So lesson learnt is...don't let toy around with something which is totally alien to you. :p

My Blog Went Missing For 19 Hours
You can trust ServerFreak. I assure you. :)

I have to thank the company-ServerFreak for their unbelievable prompt action. This is the first time my problem was solved at such lightning pace...probably because my previous domain provider sucked! Then again I must say that my confidence for ServerFreak have really increased. I am glad that they are there all the time when I screwed up on Saturday. Here's a good news for them. I have made up my mind to use their hosting package soon for my upcoming blogs. So if you folks are looking for a reliable hosting package or if you want to buy your very own domain(s), why not try ServerFreak?

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