Thursday, August 19, 2010

Pureen Breast Pump Suck!

Pureen Breast Pump really suck to the max! Well...this is one very emotionally charged statement right? But I assure you what I have just claimed is not impulsive driven. And when I say Pureen's Breast Pump suck I meant both the manual and the battery operated Pureen breast pumps SUCK big time! I have actually bought not one, not two but 3 breast pumps from Pureen, that's why I have the gut to make such a bold proclamation! No disrespect to Pureen but...they clearly did not put a lot of effort in their breast pump products.

Breast Pump,Pureen Breast Pump Suck
Count for yourself.

As you guys know, my little Jordan needs to be fed almost every 2 hours. Sometimes he will be crying for milk only after an hour. Besides that his consumption has increased at least 30% compared to what he used to drink a few weeks back. Time flies huh! So it is impossible for my wife to nurse little Jordan all the time. After midnight it will be my turn to deputize for my wife. I will let missus rest while I look after my little Tiger.

Breast Pump,Pureen Breast Pump Suck
Pureen's manual breast pump.

And yes! Besides changing his diapers and carrying him around, I will also be the one who breastfeed little Jordan after midnight right up to I go to work later around 7am. Of course I don't have any breast milk to nurse. All I can do is hold him close to my breast (chest) and feed him using the milk bottle. And...of course the milk is produced by my missus. LOL :D My wife will pump her milk for little Jordan and stored it in the fridge. So whenever my little Jordan is hungry, I simply heat the milk up and feed him.

Breast Pump,Pureen Breast Pump Suck
Pureen's RM120 battery operated breast pump.

A few months before my wife delivered, both of us went to look for the most suitable breast pump. So we decided to look for it in Jusco. After hunting high and low, finally my wife picked Pureen Manual breast pump. The Pureen manual breast pump is the most expensive breast pump that we can find on that particular shelf. The breast pump cost us around RM60. So after my wife have delivered and started to produce milk (lactating), the Pureen manual breast pump is actually very lousy! Its suction is terribly slow and hence made my wife felt very tedious. could not suck anything at all. :/

Breast Pump,Pureen Breast Pump Suck
I believe the motor's lifespan is way too short...

I felt really, really sorry for my wife. Not only she had to endure the pain from the injury she suffered from the labor, she also had to pump her milk from time to time every day even though she is extremely tired. So I went to Jusco again and bought her Pureen's battery operated breast pump which cost me RM120. My wife used it and it is extremely efficient. She could pump her milk almost effortlessly. But after a few wife told me that it was quite painful to use the battery operated breast pump. My wife kept on using it because it is faster than the manual breast pump.

Breast Pump,Pureen Breast Pump Suck,little Jordan
Wait ok Jordan. Now papa go pump...

But after using the Pureen battery operated breast pump for 28 days (Yes! I counted the days it was used), it could no longer work anymore. So I went to Jusco to buy another identical Pureen battery operated breast pump. Another RM120 vanished into thin air. And to my horror...this one only lasted for...10 days. Our hard-earned RM300 had gone done into Pureen's sewage (drain) because of their USELESS breast pumps! Pureen breast pump suck!

Breast Pump,Pureen Breast Pump Suck,tekkaus
No milk o~Jordan. Papa's milk cannot be sucked!

So to those mothers out there. Do you have this kind of horrendous with Pureen's breast pump? Do share with me. Or is it just with my wife because she is too "rough"? LOL :D Anyway we have finally found the PERFECT breast pump. My wife love it. I am going to let you guys know tomorrow. For all the expecting mothers and fathers out there, if you are looking for breast pump...try to avoid Pureen's breast pumps. Why? Because they don't suck!

Breast Pump,Pureen Breast Pump Suck
It's true. You suck!

Then again my apology to Pureen's for openly bashed them. But I am the consumer and to have 3 non-working breast pumps from them really pissed me off. I hope Pureen will work out on this asap! I will let you guys know the best breast pump to buy tomorrow ok. :)