Friday, August 20, 2010

Philips Avent Breast Pump Is The Best

Yesterday I shared with you guys about the 3 Pureen Breast Pumps which really suck....big time! We had wasted RM300 to buy Pureen's manual breast pump (RM60) and battery operated breast pumps (2xRM120). All 3 breast pumps from Pureen are not comfortable and not efficient at all according to my wife. Worse still both the battery operated breast pumps only lasted for 38 days (1st=28 days; 2nd=10days). So right after the second battery operated breast pump seized to work anymore, I immediately went to Jusco and see if I get it replaced.

Philip Avent Manual Breast Pump,Breastfeeding
Philip Avent manual breast pump

To my dismay there is no warranty given because the Pureen battery operated breast pump which cost RM120 is CHEAP (Heck! Even the radio I bought at RM90 comes with warranty). The Pureen promoter told me that all breast pumps in the market do not come with warranty. "That's it," I told myself and I went to get a new one for my wife as soon as possible. When I was about to take another Pureen battery operated breast, suddenly I pondered. "What if this one gone too soon again?" So I put it down and went to ask the the other promoter in the baby department if there is other better breast pump.

Philip Avent Manual Breast Pump,Breastfeeding
Philip Avent breast pump is simply the best!

Finally I stumbled upon Philips Avent Manual breast pump. The promoter told me that Philips Avent breast pump is the best in the market and the most recommended for mothers. Immediately took one and went to the counter and paid for it. I crossed my fingers hoping that this expensive manual breast pump from Philips Avent will be the right one for my wife. This manual breast pump cost me RM290! Wow!

Philip Avent Manual Breast Pump,Breastfeeding
Indeed it is inspired by nature for all mothers. :)

It is expensive and it is really the BEST my wife has used so far. So it is money worth spent. Philips claimed that this breast pump is inspired by nature. Its patented 5 soft petals massage cushions will flex in and out, replicating baby's suckling action and stimulating a fast, natural let-down. Indeed with the gentle-draw vacuum that mimics baby's suckling, my wife can now produce more milk, naturally! Yupe! So less pumping and more steady flow of milk can be expressed. And she says using the breast pump is really comfortable.

Philip Avent Manual Breast Pump,Breastfeeding
Must be this 5 petals massage cushions that work wonders! :D

I am happy that I bought this breast pump for my wife. It has won several major awards such as the Platinum award from Babygear. Do you know that this Philips Avent manual breast pump has been clinically proven effective. It has been clinically proven to express more milk than a hospital grade double electric pump. How awesome right? This is due to its patented massage cushions that flex in and out to gently stimulate the area around the nipple. Look like Philip has really done a lot of research in their products.

Philip Avent Manual Breast Pump,Breastfeeding,Little Jordan
You really think so?

I have clearly learnt my lesson this time. Sometimes in order to get the best in what you want, you need to fork out more money. So I can safely claim that some quality products are indeed expensive. This Philips Avent breast pump is really worth it although it cost me almost RM300. Hereby, I would like to recommend Philip Avent manual breast pump to all the expectant mothers out there. :)

Philip Avent Manual Breast Pump,Breastfeeding,Tekkaus
You see I can pump so much breast milk with Philips Avent Breast Pump!