Sunday, August 22, 2010

Samsung Galaxy S-The iPhoneS Killer (4 Videos Included)

A few weeks ago I Tweeted and Facebook-ed about Samsung's latest smartphone-Galaxy S! I believe this new Samsung Galaxy S will kill off all the iPhoneS (3GS, 4, 4G~blah! blah! blah!) available right now. Unlike the over-hyped iPhones, Samsung Galaxy S is a phone of substance and it doesn't need Steve Job to hard-sell it. And Samsung Galaxy S certainly doesn't have the antenna problem which Steve Job is fervently denying. Samsung Galaxy S is a the best smartphone available up to date! So I am going to tell you why Samsung Galaxy S is such an iPhone killer (No, I am not paid to blog about this phone.)

Samsung Galaxy S,iPhone Killer
The covered Samsung Galaxy S

With Samsung Galaxy S, you can now unleash the richness of multimedia into your life. You will be blown away by Samsung Galaxy S 4.0" Super AMOLED (Active-Matrix Organic Light-Emitting Diode) display! With this screen, you will be able enjoy 80% less reflection. Meaning you will not have any problem viewing SMS, read emails, play games or watch your favourite movies in broad daylight. Now everything will be ultra crisp and clear. :)

Samsung Galaxy S,iPhone Killer
You will be blown away with this 4" Super AMOLED display!

Samsung Galaxy S boast an insane 1Ghz processor and a whopping 16GB internal memory for your convenience. Imagine what you can do with this little baby here given the extreme raw processing power (1Ghz) that it has and the enormous storage capacity (16GB) that it possess. That's not all folks. Today I am going to share with you guys why this Samsung Galaxy S can easily slay all the other smartphones in the market right now. Are you ready to know what you can do with Samsung Galaxy S? Behold...

Samsung Galaxy S,iPhone Killer
Your Personal Secretary-Daily Briefing
Get you very own personalized morning news feed the moment you wake up every day. Samsung Galaxy S is going to deliver what you want right to your home screen. Get today's top news, stock market news, weather forecast and more. You will also be able to see your schedule and calender making sure you are not going to miss anything for the day. Now you can get everything instantly!

Samsung Galaxy S,iPhone Killer
Your All-in-ONE Integrated Calender
Samsung Galaxy S will ensure that with its integrated calender, your schedules, your daily task, your to-do lists, your meeting and your everything regardless of its sources (e.g. Google Calender) will be synced and organized into a single application. Everything is automated. So you don't need to synced everything on your own anymore. Talking about convenience!

Samsung Galaxy S,iPhone Killer
Car Mode With Google Maps Navigation
Switch your Samsung Galaxy S into Car Mode and voila it will turn into your personal driving assistant. Besides providing your navigation services, your Samsung Galaxy S will also provide you with weather forecast. All you need to do is to ask for your directions. Yes, speak and it will response. The best part about this is that Galaxy S not only give you directions, it also gives you the luxury to fetch your directions in 3 different ways-in real time (with Real Street View), Traffic View or Satellite View! What more can you ask?

Samsung Galaxy S,iPhone killer
Samsung ARound Me?
Yupe! That's right. Now you can explore everything ARound your Samsung Galaxy S with recently-crowned App of the year 2010-Layar Reality Browser. With Samsung ARound me, you will be able to know more about your surrounding be it a coffee shop, a bakery, restaurants, boutique or anything! All you need to do is snap a photo of the building and ta-da~Samsung Galaxy S will tell you everything about it. You will get to know what is next to it, behind of it, reviews, addresses, phone numbers....everything!

Samsung Galaxy S,iPhone Killer
Samsung Galaxy S Is Your Modem
Wireless tethering in Samsung Galaxy S will allow you to surf the internet no matter where you are. Now you don't have to worry when you are out of the wifi range. All you need to do is tether you phone to your laptop and you are online! Surf to your heart content wireless with Samsung Galaxy S...of course you have to make sure you are subscribed to unlimited data plan. :p

Samsung Galaxy S,iPhone Killer
HD Everything On The Go
Samsung Galaxy S can snap photos and record videos in HD (High Definition)! Now you don't need your digital compact camera nor your video camcorder by your side anymore. They are virtually a surplus when you are equipped with this brilliant smartphone. Capture all those priceless moments be it still or motion with your Samsung Galaxy S and share it with your family, friends or even to the world. Or you can view your very own masterpieces via its super AMOLED display.

Samsung Galaxy S,iPhone Killer
Don't Type! Just SWYPE!
You don't have to type anything anymore. Now all you need is slide your fingers across the virtual keyboard. Can you believe that with this SWYPE technology, you can type up to 40 words per minute. How this is achieved? You don't need to it type everything accurately, SWYPE has an integrated intelligence that follow that path of your finger traces on the keyboard. Trace the words you want to type and SWYPE will do the rest for you.

Samsung Galaxy S,iPhone Killer
Bring Your Office With You
With Samsung's Think Free Office Mobile you can incorporate your office and cramp it into your Samsung Galaxy S. You can now view and edit any Microsoft Word, Excel or even Powepoint files. Plus you can also view PDF files in its original format. So now you can work at anywhere with Samsung Galaxy S. Tell your boss to sponsor you this phone because you will be more efficient. :)

Samsung Galaxy S,iPhone Killer
68000 Apps Waiting For You Android Market
Although the Android Market has only 68,000 apps (and counting) to entertain you, I believe it is comparable to what Apple Apps store has got to offer because most of Apple Apps are the same and useless. :/ With Samsung Galaxy S you will have thousands of apps and games at your disposal thanks to Android. So are you ready to have lots of fun?

So what do you think about this Samsung Galaxy S now? don't understand anything that I have just blurted? Never mind, I have enclosed 4 videos for you to know how powerful this Samsung Galaxy S is. Now watch the 4 videos about this amazing Samsung Galaxy S! You will know more about it after viewing these 4 short clips. Trust me!

At home in the morning with Samsung Galaxy S

At work with Samsung Galaxy S

On the move with Samsung Galaxy S

At home in the evening with Samsung Galaxy S

Did I manage to convince you to get this phone? Now are your hands inching to have this Samsung Galaxy S? If you are in Malaysia I am sorry to tell you that you can only buy it from Maxis via bundling at a discounted price of RM1499! If not you will have to fork out RM2599 that will certainly bleed your wallet. Then again I strongly believe it is worth paying RM2.5 k for Samsung Galaxy S.

Samsung Galaxy S,iPhone Killer
I am so in love with Samsung Galaxy S right now.