Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Application To Be A Nuffnang Blogger Relation

A few days ago Nuffnang announced that they are hiring. Immediately I read their revelation and I can't believe my wish will finally be granted. I have been waiting for this golden opportunities like for ages (2 years to be precise) Altogether Nuffnang is recruiting talents for two different positions-Web Developer and Blogger Relations. Guess which position did I apply for? Of course I applied for the latter-Blogger Relations. My! I wonder if they have read my resume or not! :)

Application For Nuffnang Blogger Relations
Have you read my resume Nuffnang?

Nuffnang says that their Orange Office NEED a few more nutty Nuffies (like me) to cheer up the atmosphere. And more importantly those who are applying must have a bucketful of fun and sense of humour (just like me). 

Blogger Relations
- Have a passion for interacting with people
- Proficiency in both English and Malay (written and spoken) is a must
- Experience in organizing events is an advantage
- Fresh graduates are welcome to apply
- Applicants should be Malaysian citizens or hold relevant resident status

I read through their prerequisite and I am qualified to apply. So I wasted no time and visited their Career Page to find out more details about the vacancies available in Nuffnang! Indeed they are hiring people to be in charge of the Blogger Relation positions. Immediately I hit the Apply To Us Here button, inserted everything that they wanted to know. My....they really want applicant to fill lots of stuff...from my driving license to the reason course that I have attended. :/ Wow! They are really serious and very professional huh!

Application For Nuffnang Blogger Relations
This is just part of the loooooon list. :p

It took me around half an hour to fill in every single details carefully. Then I uploaded the handsome (Beh~paiseh!) picture of mine and my resume. Last but not least Nuffnang demanded me to write the reason why I want to work at Nuffnang which I gleefully wrote. Ok! That was it and I click on the submit button. This was a few days ago. I have been praying for a few days now. Hopefully my prayers will be Nuffnang! And....I have already prepared my resignation letter!

Application For Nuffnang Blogger Relations
Will my prayers be answered?

P.S. I am sure some (if not all) of you know that I am pulling your feet. I DID NOT APPLY for a job with Nuffnang! It was a joke. I really love my job folks. Hmm...then again if there is vacancy here in Malacca...I might consider about it. :)