Thursday, August 26, 2010

The 5 Original DVDs That I Bought Last Week

Last week I went to buy original DVDs because it has been such a long time since I last patronized the cinema. Can you guess why? Back then both me and my beloved wife will always go to the cinema to watch movies. It is our favourite pastimes. At least twice per month you will be able see us in GSC snacking our  popcorns. But now it is not convenient for both of us watch movies in the cinema least...for a few more years....or a decade. :p

5 Original DVDs
My 5 original Movie DVDs.

Knowing that going to the cinema is impossible for both of us, I decided to buy a few original DVDs to that we can watch movies together at the comfort of our home. Yes, I bought 5 original DVDs. ORIGINAL ok! Haha :D This is the first time I have bought so many original movies in one receipt. Of course these 5 genuine DVDs burnt my pocket a little bit as they cost me RM104. I am sick of the lousy pirated DVDs with lousy picture and sound quality and definitely horrible subtitles/translations. That's why I am willing to pay a little bit more to buy original DVDs.

5 Original DVDs,Ong Bak 3
Tony Jaa's Ong Back 3!

5 Original DVDs,Ip Man
Watch Donny Yen in his Element in Ip Man 2!

5 Original DVDs,Ice Kacang Puppy Love
Ice Kacang Puppy Love by Ah Niu.

5 Original DVDs,haunted Universities,Ghost movie
Haunted Universities-perfect for this ghostly month.

5 Original DVDs,being Human,Jack Neo
Being Human by the disgraced Jack Neo

Have you watched all the above movies yet? I have not watched all. What do you think about these 5 movies? Now...Out of these 5 movies, my wife and I had watched 2 of them in the cinema. Can you guess which 2 movies had been watched by the both of us months ago before we are "home-ridden"? :p The answer is very simple...all you have to is think... :p

5 Original DVDs
Can you guess which 2 movies have been watched by us?