Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Win RM1000 By Referring Your Friends To Join

Yesterday I shared with you guys about how I made RM2490.77 (USD796) with Twitter via ChurpChurp. Today I am going to share with you another post about ChurpChurp. So have you signed up with ChurpChurp to start making money online? If not you'd better do so folks. Don't hesitate anymore. What I have achieved with ChurpChurp is a testimony that ChurpChurp is a legit company that pays you. Today I am going to help ChurpChurp spread the love and maybe...get rewarded. :p

Thanks ChurpChurp! Really!

In conjunction with ChurpChurp's 1st anniversary, they are feeling extremely generous just like what they have always they wanna reward us. In other words, ChurpChurp is going to give you the opportunity to win lots of money. As much as RM3000 is up for grab folks. Goodness all those money are up for grabs?But you have to hurry up folks, because this contest will end on the 2nd of September 2010...which is...9 days left. Here's what you will get from ChurpChurp! There will be...

~One (1) Grand Prize winner of RM1,000 instant credit
~One (1) Second Prize winner of RM500 instant credit
~Ten (10) Consolations prize winners of RM100 instant credit each and
~20 lucky new churpers will get RM25 instant credit each!

See what is at stake here folks? Imagine what you could do with the RM1,000 if you are the grand prize winner. RM1000 is a huge amount (for me lar) and you can buy so many stuff with it. Maybe a new, fancy smartphone? Or a new netbook? So what are you waiting for? Join ChurpChurp now and persuade (force, threaten, warn) all your friends that by hook or by crook they MUST join you! If think about it yourself. :) Then again it is always better to "invite" them properly. So what you need to do?

1-Invite your friends to sign up with ChurpChurp. (This is my referral link)
2-Request them to fill in your Twitter Username/Facebook Name in the referral field. (Mine is @Tekkaus/Christopher Lay) DON'T FORGET ok!
3-Ask them to ensure that they authorize their Twitter/Facebook account with ChurpChurp!

Don't forget to fill me as your referrer ok. :p

Still not convince whether you should join ChurpChurp or not? Watch the following slide presentation from ChurpChurp and you will know how you can make money using your Twitter. Only ten slides don't worry. :)

So have you joined folks? Don't worry nor hesitate because the sooner you join, the sooner you will start earning. I have earned RM2,500 in less than a year. You can too. And I am sure you can refer more friends than I can right? Then again, I wanna thank ChurpChurp for their generosity. I wanna thank the advertisers and the people from ChurpChurp for giving me the opportunity to earn some extra money online. I love you all. Without their supports and beliefs this wouldn't have happened. Again, thank you ChurpChurp.

Wanna join me at ChurpChurp or not?