Friday, August 27, 2010

3 ChurpChurp Badges To Show Your Love

If you like are me me who loves to check into ChurpChurp every day to see if I can win RM1000 by referring friends to join then you would have noticed about the3 badges that they have added today right? Just a moment ago I logged into ChurpChurp because I wanna see how many referrals I have got, and I saw these 3 cute badges being put up by ChurpChurp to help us spread the love. All 3 of these badges are meticulously designed to fit into our blogs and websites. They are cheeky and can easily blend in any part of your blogs or websites. Here they are. :)

So which one do you like the best folks? I prefer the first banner where ChurpChurp-the little blue bird, looks so cute coupled with the love in its bubble speech. They say pictures can say a thousand words right? So add one of these banners (or all of them) to help you get as much referrals as possible. Who knows? These banners might just make it easier for you get more people to join under your wings right? LOL :D

Just 10 only. Haih.... T_T

Talking about getting referrals, so far I have only managed to get 10 referrals. Super duper pathetic right? Hahaha :D I guess you guys have garnered hundreds of referrals already. Hmm...perhaps I have started way too late. Then again, as I mentioned earlier all I want to do is spread the love that ChurpChurp have given me. Again thanks for allowing me to earn RM2490.77 ChurpChurp. I hope more people will join ChurpChurp. Have you? If not click the banner below. :p