Saturday, August 28, 2010

A Black Day In My Career

Something "black" happened yesterday morning. It felt like the worst day of my career. It gotta be one of the darkest moment since the demise of my beloved mother. Everything changed in a blink of an eye. A bright room suddenly turned dark as if I was blind. So dark as if dark clouds were looming ominously right under the ceiling. My heart stopped beating for awhile...but I could still hear my own breathing. I was so helpless...and for a moment...hopeless...

A Black Day In My Career
For a moment...everything was black...

Emotions started to flare...tears welled in my eyes. It almost streamed down my face. I couldn't believe what my eyes see. It was so incredulous. A piece of struck me so hard that I was so crestfallen. The words scribbled on that very sheet of paper just wiped off the smile on my face. It felt as if my ship was wreaked by the thunderstorm in the middle of the rough, fierce sea. But just a moment ago it was so shiny. Now...everything looked so ship was capsized and started to sink. Why? has nothing to do with my employer or colleagues, but rather it was because of a very "difficult" and "unreasonably demanding" client. That particular client made me felt as if she was so victimized and I had wronged her. Did I? I pondered...and I know I am right. Does correcting someone who breaks the law is wrong? You see...sometimes in life...we will meet with such senseless and irrational people.

I slipped and fell...but now I am back on my feet. I was bruised and knocked but I will stand tough. I was slitted and I was bleeding...but I will be alright. My bones are broken...but I am sure it will heal. I will survive for this blow will allow me to grow. It made stronger. I will survive.