Friday, July 23, 2010

You Like To Doodle?

A~ha! Do you like to doodle? Here's a good news for all you doodlers out there. The next time you are being caught red-handed doodling away in a meeting or lecture (like me), explain to the "police" that you are actually trying to concentrate. Yes, tell your lecturer or your boss that doodling actually helps you to improve your concentration. But if this backfires, don't come knocking on my door. Ha :D Anyway a study done by UK psychology professor has discovered that people who doodle have better recall capability.

Do you doodle?

In his experiment, Professor Jackie Andrade asked 40 people to listen to a very, very (very, very) dull message and write down the names of people mentioned in the "lullaby". Half (20) of the participants were told to doodle naturally while the other 20 simply sat and listened. So guess what was the outcome? Behold: Doodlers were better at concentrating and recalled MORE information. No wonder I recall better than my colleagues. LOL :D

Perhaps this is the reason why you doodle? :p

Why is this so? Well according to the professor, doodling stops daydreaming and helps people to pay attention. She also said that daydreaming takes a lot of mental energy. Wow! Serious? So it is better to doodle than to daydream? So in order to curb daydreaming, she suggested that we try doodling to our mind from wandering to far, far away where Sir Shriek is. Hence we can concentrate better. Grab your pencils folks...are your ready?

Let's doodle! :)