Saturday, July 24, 2010

Kwansformer! More Than Meet The Eyes!

Have you heard about the upcoming Transformer 3? I heard this time around the  fight is going to take place somewhere in the East! So Optimus Prime! Are you ready for your next epic battle in China? Are you prepared to duel with China's most revered fighter of all time? Meet Kwansformer from the Great Wall of Middle Earth! It seems like China wants to prove that they too can do what the Westerner could huh! I give you...Kwansformer which is the "reincarnation" of China's arguably greatest warrior of all time-General Guan Yu!

Kwansformer,Guan Yu Transformer,military truck-Jiefang CA10
9.7 meters tall Kwansformer!

Who is the genius behind this Kwansformer? Say hello to 26 years old Bi Heng, the maven behind this robotic Guan Yu! Bi Heng who is from the China Central Academy of Fine Arts (CAFA) actually used parts and components from a made-in-China military truck-Jiefang CA10 to conceive this amazing 9.7 meters (32 feet) tall Kwansformer! Wow! For those uninitiated the military truck-Jiefang CA10 is one of the first autos China has ever built. Hence it really means something to everyone in China. Bi Heng really knows how to make history huh!

Kwansformer,Guan Yu Transformer,military truck-Jiefang CA10
China's Jiefang CA10.

Of course this Kwansformer is not cheap! In fact Bi Heng coughed out RM137,385 (US$43,000) to build this Kwansformer for his semester project. Now this fierce 2-tonnes Kwansformer is standing majestically at the ground of CAFA Academy. Bi Heng constructed Kwansformer to look like General Kwan Yu and it even wields an enormous Green Dragon Crescent Blade! Talking about details followed to perfection huh!

Kwansformer,Guan Yu Transformer,military truck-Jiefang CA10
OMG! This Kwansformer is super cool!

So hats off the Bi Heng for his incredible giant masterpiece. His kwansformer actually pays homage to our favourite Transformer franchise, while at the same time honoring General Guan Yu. Sounds like killing 2 birds with 1 stone aye. According to Wikipedia The Great General Guan Yu played a significant role in the civil war that led to the collapse of the Han Dynasty and the establishment of Shu Han. So general Guan Yu has since been immortalized through the famous novel ‘Romance of the Three Kingdoms.’

Kwansformer,Guan Yu Transformer,military truck-Jiefang CA10
The legendary Guan Yu!

It is said that Bi Heng had originally wanted to breathe life into his Kwansformer 4 years ago (2006). Perhaps lack of funding made it hard for him to assemble his treasured robot! I understand that previously he had been offered money for General Guan Yu (codenamed Revolution), but has thus far turned down all offers. Now Bi Heng is aiming for bigger bucks! He hopes to commercialize his kwansformers—including his upcoming Monkey King (to be made from a taxi) and Olympic Torch (to be made from a cudgel-shaped weapon). Wow! I can't wait to see his next inventions. How about including them in the next transformer movie? :p

Now let's watch how Jiefang CA10 transformed shall we?

Kwansformer-The Guan Yu Transformer! Truly more than meet the eyes!