Sunday, July 25, 2010

Gifts For Tekkaus Senior & Junior

A few weeks ago I received a letter from Wenn. I was kinda busy back then with the arrival of Tekkaus Junior. So I was unable to open the brown envelope and see what was inside of the mystery package. So only recently I was to stole some time from my busy schedule and routine and ripped apart the gift given to me. OMG! Guess what was inside of the brown envelope? It is...another brown envelope! Ha :D Ok, so I delicately opened the other brown envelope and there it was...wrapped inside a piece of soft tissue. My very first keychain from Australia. :)

Tekkaus Gifts
Let's see what is inside ok?

Tekkaus Gifts,Australia
It's...another envelope! :p

Tekkaus Gifts,Kangaroo Keychain is a very gorgeous keychain from Australia. :)

So thank you to Wenn for sending me this gorgeous Keychain all the way from Australia right to my doorstep. I really like the details of the keychain. So now I guess my keys will be hopping around with this Kangaroo keychain. Wenn is gotta be one of the most generous bloggers out there who keeps on showering us with souvenirs that she brought home from countries that she has visited. Previously Wenn also gave me a beautiful postcard featuring Taipei 101. Sounds like Wenn is a philanthropist or sort huh! Just when I thought the day couldn't get any better, that was when I heard the honk of a vehicle!

Tekkaus Gifts,Lion
Yipee! It is for Tekkaus Junior! :)

A van was parked outside of my house. Standing in front of my gates was a plump man clad in orange attire-Pos Laju! I was asked to pen down my signature in order to receive my gift. Signed my beautiful name and he handed me my parcel. It was a huge parcel. Immediately I brought the box inside and the moment I flipped it...there it was...scribbled clearly at the back of the box that the gift was not meant for me. It was for Tekkaus Junior. LOL :D I was very excited. Why? My little one was just a few days old and someone had already sent him a gift? How cool is that?

Tekkaus Gifts,Lion
It's a cute, little lion.

And guess who sent him this package? It is non other than Wenn again! Looks like Wenn's magnanimousness  knows no boundaries at all huh! I opened the box and it was a lion! Roooaaarr! Yep! Wenn sent Tekkaus Junior a lion. Ha :D But it is no ordinary lion of course. This lion is not fierce at all. In fact it looks tame and downright adorable. And it is hugging a roll of blanket or mattress. So I assume that this lion is supposed to be Tekkaus Junior's pillow and mattress? I really like it as I feel it would be a great companion when I am travelling with little Tekkaus.

Tekkaus Gifts,Lion
Tekkaus Junior is equally ecstatic! :p

Again thank you to Wenn for her gifts. Tekkaus Senior and Junior are more that grateful these precious presents that you delivered to us. Truly we are. So Tekkaus Junior decided to dedicate a song for you for giving him that adorable lion. He picked this song specially for you Wenn...

The Lion Sleeps tonight! :D
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