Sunday, July 25, 2010

Let Daddy Breastfeed You~Come!

Newborns will get hungry easily. This is especially true if the newborns were being breastfed by their mothers. Likewise, babies who consume formulated milk will not get hungry easily because...well...those milk are formulated to make your babies feel fuller and satiated. Then again it might be due to the amount of unknown stuffs and preservatives that manufacturers throw in to make their milk "better"! Truth to be told, nothing beats milk produced by mothers. Experts have reiterated again and again that breast milk is the best food for your babies. :)

Daddy Breastfeed You little Jordan just woke up and he is hungry already.

Since little Jordan appears in our life, my wife and I have been extremely busy. One of the most frequent tasks that we need to do very often is feeding him. My wife has always believed that breast milk is the best and only milk that she wants our baby to consume. But the thing is...breast milk is so natural (no added preservatives & flavouring~mah) that it can be digested so easily by babies. Our little Jordan needs to be breastfed almost every 2 hours. Sometimes he will feel hungry after just 1 hour. Hmm...must be because he inherits my ultra-high metabolism. :p

Daddy Breastfeed You
Daddy also the same~mah. :p

That's why sometimes I need to stand in and help my wife to breastfeed our little Jordan. So whenever my wife is busy. I will scoop my little Jordan up from his cot and hold him close to my...breast and then I will...breastfeed him. Period. Hahahaha :D How my wife wish I can do that huh! Well...the best I can do is feed little Jordan using a bottle. Of course what he is consuming is his mother's milk. *o~ngeh! o~ngeh! o~ngeh!* Jordan is crying folks so I gotta go. "Jordan~let daddy breastfeed you~come!" :D