Thursday, July 22, 2010

Must Watch: Cadbury Eyebrows (Full Version)

You must watch this 1-minute Cadbury Eyebrows Ad! If you are a Malaysian, you would have probably noticed the latest Cadbury Eyebrows Advertisement being shown on our TV right? When I first saw the Eyebrows Ad, I was really stunned. The short ad was so mesmerizing that it really caught my attention. Immediately I went home and searched for this Advertisement in youtube. So I have been watching it least 10 times every day. I don't know why. I will never get bored I guess. Ha :D Perhaps I feel what they have done is something very amazing?

Cadbury Eyebrows Advertisement,Youtube
Ready for some eyebrows-raising moves?

But do you know that this Cadbury Eyebrows Advertisement is not really new at all. It is a relatively "old" ad. Yupe! This Eyebrows Advertisement was rolled out last year (2009) by Cadbury to promote their chocolate. What? We are actually watching something which was being produced last year? Yeer...I feel we are so outdated! :/ And as usual...Cadbury's unique ads always have nothing to do with their chocolates at all. But they have never failed to grasp our attention and whet our appetite for their chocolate. :)

Cadbury Eyebrows Advertisement,Youtube
Before they went crazy!

This super hilarious Eyebrows Advertisement features two children, a boy and a girl, sitting in front of a grey backdrop at a photo studio waiting to be photographed. When the photographer was measuring the brightness of the scene, the phone rang. So he leaves to answer the call and this is when the boy presses a button on his watch and voila the song "Don't Stop The Rock" by Freestyle Express begins to play. That must be one special watch aye. One which can double up as a jukebox.

Cadbury Eyebrows Advertisement,Youtube
Damn! He is really, really good!

Cadbury Eyebrows Advertisement,Youtube
She is adorable, isn't she? :)

The two children then begin to move their flexible eyebrows up and down to the beat of the groovy song. They move their heads from left to right, up and down staring into the different cameras, as they continue to move their eyebrows. Suddenly towards the end of the advertisement, the girl begins to release the air from a pink balloon (where did the balloon came from?) in time with the music. The end of the advertisement displays a bar of Cadbury Dairy Milk Chocolate above the slogan of the campaign: "A Glass and A Half Full of Joy".

Cadbury Eyebrows Advertisement,Youtube
A~ha! What's the balloon for?

Goodness...I wanna grab my own Cadbury right now. Awww....I wonder how many thousands or maybe millions of kids Cadbury had auditioned to get these 2 cute children to star in this phenomenal Eyebrows Ad. The boy on the left is stunningly in his element, doing his eyebrows trick. Likewise the girl clad in purple blouse is so damn adorable that my "chocolate" heart melts whenever I watch her strutting her eyebrows. Maybe I can do this eyebrows move too if I consume Cadbury's chocolate? I want some Cadbury Chocolate right now. LOL :D

Now's let watch this super cute ad shall we!
Certainly this is A Glass and A Half Full of Joy right?

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