Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Picking The Right Mandarin Name For My Baby

Hie folks, sorry that I haven't been updating my blog as frequent as I like. And I feel terribly bad that I haven't been dropping by at your sites like I used to do. I simply lack the time to do so. Now I know how time constraint it is to be a parent. Anyway I wanna thank everyone who keeps on sending their warmest regards to my little Jordan. My little Jordan is perfectly fine besides the usual cries and tantrum throwing. LOL :D He is quite cheeky and has some hint of mischievous. My little Jordan has got some potential to succeed me.

How To Pick The Right Name
We make our own destiny!

Anyway in this post of mine, I wanna share with you guys how I pick the right name for little Jordan. Notice that I said the right name and not the perfect name or the best name. Yupe! We Chinese believe that our children's names must be meticulously picked as their names will ultimately decide their destiny. Sounds a wee far-fetched but it is true. Hence a few days after my little baby came into this world, I had gone to see an expert to consult me about little Jordan's name.

How To Pick The Right Name
Welcome to House Number 1 (门牌一号).

I was introduced to this master by the confinement lady who is taking care of my wife right now. Some of my friends actually feel that it is weird for me to consult someone to pick a name for my baby. After all I am a graduate in science related field. Ha :D But then again, I have grown up seeing paranormal happenings and phenomenal that not everyone can see. That's why I have always believed in customs and beliefs that had passed down by my ancestors. Ok, speaking of the master, he is one of the most famous master in Malacca. In fact he had featured several times in Chinese Dailies. So I believe that he is really good.

How To Pick The Right Name
Yes, you have to go upstairs. :)

I went to meet this master the other day at Jalan Tukang Besi, Malacca. The place is called House Number 1 (门牌一号). It is a white building. Ok...here goes...the moment I enter the house, it looks just like any other normal building along the street. But as I walked up the steps to where I would be meeting him, immediately I could feel that soothing aura enveloping me. Aww...tranquilizing Mantras could be heard clearly. I took the last step and there he was sitting on his wooden chair. There were so many people waiting for their turn to seek divine intervention from this master.

How To Pick The Right Name
Are you ready?

Finally it was my turn. I as quite overwhelmed to sit beside him when he consulted me about picking the right name for my baby. I felt totally belittled by his presence. Wow! He asked me a few questions such as my baby's birthday, the exact birth time and of course whether he is a boy or a girl. Moreover he also asked me about the address of my house. Hmm...makes me wonder. Then the master told me to come again after 3 days. Can anyone tell me why 3 days? :)

How To Pick The Right Name
Yes, I need the help of a dictionary.

3 days had gone and I went to meet the master. He took out a huge "ang pow" (red packet) containing a letter written by him. I was so amazed with what he has done. Not only he gave me a few suggestions of names to pick, this master also helped me to narrate my little Jordan's destiny, his natural attitude, his possible soul mates, the direction of the house which he will buy etc. Goodness. I took the ang pow back and discussed with my wife which name should we choose for our little Jordan. After referring to the dictionary and contemplating for a few hours...we finally chose his name.

The above is the map of the place where I went to seek the master to give me a few suitable suggestions of name for my little Jordan. Again the place is known as House Number 1 (门牌一号). It is directly on the right-hand side of the famous Sri Poyyatha Vinayagar Moorthi Temple‎. :)

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