Sunday, July 18, 2010

Bieber's Baby Beat Gaga's Bad Romance?

The baby face Justin Bieber, a cheeky 16 years old Canadian pop singer has finally out-sang the more illustrious (and controversial) Lady Gaga. I never thought Bieber could pull this amazing feat. What has he achieved? Don't you know that now Justin Bieber is a legend (albeit temporary) because his music video "Baby" is the MOST-watched video ever on youtube. So shhhuuuhh~Lady Gaga, you have been dethroned. Ha :D Still I think Bieber's achievement is nothing short of incredulous. Why?

Justin Bieber Beat Lady Gaga,Baby Is Most Watched Youtube
Justin Bieber-the most watched singer too?

You see, IMHO Bieber's Baby is not good enough to beat Lady Gaga's Bad Romance. No disrespect to all the Bieber's fans out there. Lady Gaga's song Bad Romance is easily better compared to Bieber's little Baby. Not only Bad Romance is infectious, it is very, very catchy too. Likewise...Baby sounds like a song for hormone-raging teenagers. Not that I don't like Baby. I love it but...Gaga's Bad Romance is simply miles ahead of the little Canadian. Moreover Bad Romance's video is so meticulously choreographed that it looks like a short movie itself. Bieber's Baby on the other way too normal. :/

Justin Bieber Beat Lady Gaga,Baby Is Most Watched Youtube
Yeah! Bring it on!

Then again in the world of entertainment everything can happen right? So Justin Bieber's Baby is now officially the most watched MTV on youtube with more than 246 million views. Results is everything right? So congratulation to Justin Bieber. Bieber then tweeted a thank you toall his "Beliebers" and said the video's success was "crazy." The teen singer wrote this, "I started on youtube so ... WOW!" So now let us view at the...

...Most-watched MTV on youtube!

Justin Bieber's Baby.

Then again...was this feat achieved because his legion of fans-Beliebers, kept on viewing the clip like non-stop? Beats me :p