Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Our Little Jordan

It has been a been a few weeks since you came into our real lives little Jordan. Our lives will never ever be the same anymore. In fact our lives has been different the moment we knew we were expecting you my dearest baby. Times flies...daddy still can't believe gone were the 40 weeks where you were being carried around and protected by your beloved mommy. Daddy still can't believe that you are now by my side crying. You are my precious little Jordan.

Little Jordan
My little Jordan

Daddy and mommy will always be around to protect and educate you. We will give you our world to see that you grow up to be a healthy, kind-hearted man. Daddy and mommy will love your unconditionally just like what we have done ever since you first appeared in our lives (in your mommy's womb). But...then again daddy will also make sure that you will be punished if you have done something wrong. All daddy and mommy want is for you to be a better man. Daddy really love to look at you my little Jordan. Daddy love to look at how you sleep...the way you smile...the moment when you just melt daddy's heart...

P.S.: The picture of my little Jordan above is being used as my desktop wallpaper right now. :)