Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Innity Approved Me. Should I Switch?

Yes! Innity, one of the most lucrative-paying Malaysia advertising company has approved my application to join their network as a publisher. So I will be making more money? A few days ago I thanked Nuffnang for giving me so much advertorials and money! And now...I am contemplating to try Innity, Nuffnang's fiercest rival in Malaysia. Ha :D I know lots of Malaysian bloggers out there (minus Nuffnang's legions of fans) are itching to jump onto this Innity bandwagon because it is reported that they are paying handsomely huh?


So will you switch to Innity? Well...it depends on what you want though. Because once you are able to get Advertorials from Nuffnang the payment for each task that you have completed can rake in a 4-digit income for you. Likewise Innity doesn't have any Advertorials to provide but they compensated for that shortcoming with higher revenue. Hmmm...sounds pretty tempting aye?

Yameh? :p

Of course unlike Nuffnang, it is harder to be accepted as an Innity publisher. If I am not mistaken Nuffnang requires you to have at least 600 unique visitors per month which translate to...20 unique visitors per day? Quite low right? And that explains why Nuffnang is so damn popular with Malaysian bloggers...because there is virtually no requirement at all to join. In fact I thing they don't really care about your number of visitors too. :p On the other hand, Innity wants you site(s) to meet this rather "insane" requirements:
~Must have at least 30'000 pageviews per month!
~Must have a minimum of 6'000 unique visitors per month!
~Websites must be rich in quality content and must be updated frequently

Wow...it sure looks engaging! :D

Wow! These 3 requirements alone are enough to dampen a lot of hopeful bloggers right? I was taken aback too. So is Innity really better than Nuffnang? Can anyone answer this question? I don't know. Some say that Innity is paying what we deserve while the others thing that Nuffnang is still the better choice. So what say you? Hmm...I am still pondering. Do you thing I should switch to Innity and give it a try? Ha :D

Perhaps I can ask their opinions.

I will feel terribly bad if I switched to Innity because Nuffnang has given me so much. But then again...I might wanna try Innity because I have heard so much about it. Ha :D Perhaps I can give it a go for a few weeks or a few months and then return to Nuffnang (just like what I have always done)? I am sure it will be a good learning experience for me. So if you were in my stinky shoes...would you ditch Nuffnang and switch to Innity? Tell me why?