Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Thanks For The Advertorials Nuffnang!

For the past 3 months, I have been receiving offers to do advertorials with Nuffnang. In fact so far I have done 4 advertorials and rejected one. So thank you to Nuffnang for willing to give me the opportunity to write something special and let me earn some extra bucks. You see I have never ever thought I would be given such rare opportunity as I am not a famous blogger. Traffic wise I am not even raking in thousands of hits yet. Then again I guess I am lucky. Ha :D

Nuffnang Advertorial
Of course I love Nuffnang. :p

Or is it because I have been complaining too much. Still remember my posts where I bid farewell to Nuffnang complaining that I was just a normal Nuffnanger? Then I Dang Nuffnang, labeling them a Kiasu for not clearly stating their terms and conditions. And the latest post (the most commented post with 156 comments) where I talked about my Last Glittering Day In Innit! Perhaps they have had enough of my complaints and tantrum. So much so that they are actually providing me a few advertorials to gag my mouth and stop me from writing baseless nonsense that will tarnish their image? You see! Complaints do work..sometimes. Just kidding. LOL :D

Nuffnang Advertorial
Yes! Gimme more. LOL :D

Frankly I am really grateful with Nuffnang for entrusting me to write a few advertorials for them. Previously I thought it is impossible to get such a golden opportunity. Now I believe that even for a common blogger like me, it is possible to get advertorial from Nuffnang. So finally I have managed to obtained all 3 different types of earning from Nuffnang. Trust me, the payouts for the advertorials that I have done were really lucrative. Although I couldn't scrape up tens of thousands from Nuffnang, I still managed to earn a 4-figure payout. Not bad for a blogger like me aye. :p

Nuffnang Advertorial
A little is better than nothing right?

So what's my secret for getting Advertorials from Nuffnang? I don't have any I guess. I don't attend their parties...I don't attend their events...and I don't butter them up. The irony is that I kept on complaining about Nuffnang. Perhaps I am really, really lucky? My advice is stay loyal with Nuffnang and do what you are doing best-blogging. Perhaps you will receive a call from them soon? :)

Again! My heartiest thank you to all the Nuffnang's staffs who have (accidentally) chosen me. :p I am really, really grateful. Truly I am. Thanks for selecting me for the advertorial campaigns and thanks for assisting me through and through. I couldn't have done it without your help and patience. Cheers! :)

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