Thursday, July 15, 2010

I Have Registered Your Birth Jordan

Yesterday afternoon I went to the Jabatan Pendaftaran Negara (National Registration Department) aka JPN to register my baby's birth. I am really excited because finally my little baby is officially be a citizen of Malaysia. It had been 9 days since his birth, so I am glad that I have settled his birth registration by yesterday. Thank goodness the JPN is only a stone throw away from our home. 3 minutes drive and voila I was at their doorstep already. It was around 3p.m then.

Jordan Birth Cert

I was really lucky as there are virtually no one in the JPN. So I don't have to queue nor wait for my turn. The moment I entered, I straight away handed over the relevant documents to the officer on duty and informed her that I wanted to register for my son's birth certificate. I believe the whole process was really a breeze. It took me just 15 minutes to obtain my baby's birth certificate. Wow! Sounds like JPN is really efficient aye. Then again...the whole premise was almost vacant. :p

Jordan Birth Cert
See....virtually...people-less in JPN! :D

Do you know what documents are needed to register for your baby's birth certificate? Ah~ha! First thing first, of course you need to prepare your baby's birth confirmation letter which will be given by the hospital. Then you will also need to produce both the parents original and photocopy ID during the registration. Moreover, the officer on duty also need to look at the mother's pregnancy health report. Apart from that you will also need to present your marriage certificate to prove that you are married and the baby belongs to the both of you. Last but not least, remember to double or triple check your details before you submit your registration form yeah.

Jordan Birth Cert
My little baby's name is Jordan! :)

Actually both my wife and I could have finalized the registration sooner but we were held back because we wanted to give our baby the perfect name. After all they say our name will decide our destiny. So now you know what is my baby's name right? Haha :D In my upcoming post, I might talk about how me and my wife picked the best mandarin name for our little Jordan.

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