Friday, July 30, 2010

Why You Should Buy Nokia E72 (Just Like Me)

As you guys know, I am a proud owner of the Nokia E72 right now. It is my dream smartphone. So are you looking to buy a new smartphone which gives you lots of functions and value for your money? Then look no further than the Nokia's E72. The dream smartphone Nokia E72 is presently best priced around $340 on A bargain if you ask me. Nokia E72 can be the dream device that you have been waiting for that can offer you value, efficiency and tonnes of fun if you ask me. I have been mesmerized by my E72 ever since my birthday. :)

Nokia E72, Nokia Smartphone
My Nokia E72

My wife almost got me Nokia N97, but thank goodness she changed her mind. If not I would have to get used with the touchscreen. I am not a big fan of touchscreen though. That's why I need a machine that has lots of buttons for me to toy around. I am still ogling at the sight of my Nokia E72. Nokia E72 is beautifully shaped and it is the perfect smartphone or PDA for those work and play hard (like me). It felt very sturdy and robust in my hands, so it is shocking to know that it weighs only 128g with a thickness of 10mm.

Nokia E72,Nokia Smartphone
Nokia E72 looks so professional and elegant at the same time.

Although Nokia E72 is custom designed for business individuals, you will be shocked to know how user friendly it is. The operating system used in Nokia E72 is not that bad either. Although the Symbian S60 that is operating the Nokia E72 is considered a living fossil, I still believe that it has its own advantages when pitted against its rival. Once you have upgraded all the firmwares for Nokia E72, your journey with it will be a smooth-sailing one.

Nokia E72,Nokia Smartphone
5MP is more than enough for me.

One of the main reasons why I chose Nokia E72 is because of its superb 5MP camera with a flash! To me, the Nokia E72 is like my camera which I can take out and snap any important moments for me to blog about and to share it with the whole wide world. This camera is so smart that it can adapt to its environment and tweaked itself to produce the best image for you when you snap a photo. Of course you can opt to do the setting manually. Lots of features for you to toy around. I can only say that the camera on Nokia E72 is almost flawless.

Moving on to video recording, this baby here enables you to capture those important moments vividly at 15 frames per second with a maximum dimension of 640x480 pixels. Not too bad if you ask me. The best part is that the video recorder can auto-adjust itself to capture video with the best quality. A pretty smart feature tinkered by Nokia. I have already recorded lots of videos and I am very satisfied with all my video collections. :)

If you are the E-mail kind of person, than Nokia E72 is the ultimate tool for you to check, compose and send email on the go. It gives me the joy of email at my fingertips. It is said that Nokia E72 is compatible with Microsoft Exchange E-Mail systems and the Lotus Notes Traveler which makes it such powerful Smartphone to handle all your e-mail accounts and their respective attachments centrally from your NokiaE72. You can set up a maximum 10 different email accounts with Nokia E72. I have successfully activated my 3 email accounts (Gmail, Hotmail and Yahoo!) and has been using them with ease. With Nokia E72, emailing is so easy-peasy right now. :)

Nokia E72,Nokia Smartphone
Judging from its know how huge the battery is right? :p

Do you know why Nokia E72 looks so "huge" compared to the other candybar phone? Apart from fact that it houses a Qwerty keyboard, it is designed to be bigger so that it can last "longer"! Huh? I mean a large battery is used to power Nokia E72. But the real reason for Nokia E72 longevity is due to its efficiency in handling resources. It can last more than 6 hours with GPS turned on while you are navigating in the busy KL, caught in jam; It can last more than 5 hours of continuous internet surfing; Moreover Nokia E72 can also provide you 8 hours of video playback non-stop. And the most amazing thing is that you can listen to music for 32 hours without needing to charge. Now that is really a lot of juice I tell you!

If you are the sort of person who has to be connected to the internet like 24/7, you will like Nokia E72 because it boost a wide range of connectivity features. With Nokia E72 you will be experiencing the amazing speed of 3.5G HSDPA up to 10.6 mbps of connectivity speed at any given time. It also offers HSUPA (at 2mbps), Wireless LAN, EDGE, GPRS and WAP connectivity. And yeah...I can also use my Nokia E72 is a modem! So I don't have to worry about anything anymore. :D

Nokia E72 supports almost all types of websites and blogs out there (including Tekkaus!) which means no more “small screen” type rendering! So you don't have to squint your eyes while browsing the web using Nokia E72! Moreover it can also display and render flash based graphics and websites without the need of other plugins or software. Now that is what I call power! :D

Nokia E72,Nokia Smartphone
Nokia E72 is certainly my dream smartphone.

Well...I guess that's about enough FOR NOW! If I were to continue, I guess I need another few more hours to scribble every single details about my Nokia E72! After this smartphone for almost 2 months, I can only say that Nokia E72 is the best phone that I have ever used in my entire lifetime! Again if you are looking a phone with functionality, efficiency and at the same time boost as a good multimedia phone...look no further. Nokia E72 is the one you need as it is very affordable. :)