Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Venezia Fridge Magnet

Venezia aka Venice is one of the most famous landmarks in the world. Venezia is situated in the northern of Italy and it is the capital of Veneto with a population of 272k. Times has even described Venezia as one of the most romantic cities in Europe. So it is a must visit destination if you were to travel to Europe just like what our blogger friend did. So who is she? Read on to find out. She went to Italy and grabbed some souvenirs for us. And I happened to be one of the lucky bloggers to receive it from her. :)

Venezia,Fridge Magnet
My pressie.

My present came early last week in the form of a heavy brown envelope. I ripped the envelope apart and there was another Winnie The Pooh wrapper with a handwritten message waiting for me. It was from Life Ramblings. She said, "Thanks for you continuous visit & support to my blog. Hope you'll like this little pressie I got from Venize, Italy." Of course I like it LR! Wow! A beautiful fridge magnet from Italy. Thanks LR, this is my first present from Europe. Ha :D

Venezia,Fridge Magnet
Welcome to Venezia!

Venezia,Fridge Magnet
Row, row, row your boat! :)

Venezia,Fridge Magnet
Another different angle of my Venezia!

Now this Venezia fridge magnet of mine is sticking handsomely on my...well...fridge. I really like the fridge magnet with its trademark boat rower and those gorgeous background. Aww...what more can I say? Again thanks Life Ramblings. Hmm..I wonder if I will receive anymore fridge magnet from different parts of the world? :p

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