Thursday, May 6, 2010

My New Powerful Shoes

Last week I had to say sorry to both my feet for hurting them. This is not the first I have caused them so much misery. My bad for indulging in that moment of madness. But the price I had to pay was rather excruciating. For a few days I couldn't walk properly and no basketball at all for me. The bloody red blisters that I inflicted was a gruesome sight to behold and the aftermath is really something I dreaded and regretted. So...will I foolishly repeat this crazy act again? WHY NOT? LOL :D

Power Shoes
My new Power shoes.

Truth to be told, I had this kind of injury almost on a weekly basis back in secondary school. I would only put on proper shoes during the competition, so most of time I was running bare-footed while playing basketball. Hence my feet got injured quite often. But now...I wouldn't dare to do this regularly anymore. My wife will use her glaring eyes and pierce deep into my heart if she sees me get injured again! She is the only person that I am scared of right now. Or in other words, respect. I don't wanna see her angry or sad so I have to control my passion for basketball a little. :p

Power Shoes
Behold my mean-looking powerful new "feet".

You see, last week I had to take off my shoes because my pair of black shoes were "flowerless" already. Although my wife doesn't like me to play basketball, she still won't really stop me from going to the court. So last week after she had blasted me with her "loud music", she actually bought me a new pair of shoes. My wife forked out her hard-earned RM90 to buy me this new multi-purpose, all-in-one Power shoes. It surely looks better and more powerful than my previous black shoes.

Power Shoes
This rubber sole promises to give me more bite and grip!

I wanted to buy a cheaper one, but my wife insisted that I take this pair because it is more durable. Yep! This new Power is suitable for running, jogging, basketball, futsal, badminton and even mountain-hiking...or so claimed by the salesperson. Honestly this pair of shoes feels really solid and comfortable. The moment I wriggle my feet into them, I can feel the energy and power surging into my body from my shoes. Wow! I feel so powerful right now. Again thank you wifey. Muak~:-X

Power Shoes
Don't make me kick you!