Monday, May 3, 2010

Sa Dingding & Her Mystical Alive

Sa Dingding (萨顶顶). This must be one of the hottest name to hit Malaysians' shore recently! Some say Sa Dingding's advent in Malaysia even overshadowed Kelly Clarkson's concert. And I even have the opportunity to watch her concert for FREE but I didn't do so because I was not interested back then. Haih...I shouldn't have passed the Sa Dingding's concert tickets to someone else. Anyway thanks to Youtube I can easily search for Sa Dingding's gems and I must say I was immediately spellbound by her music and creation.

Sa Dingding, Alive
The lady who shadows Kelly Clarkson?

In fact right now I am listening to her mesmerizing Alive (万物生)! It somehow makes me feel a little hypnotized listening to it. I was clueless as to what the Sanskrit song is about, but later on I was dumbfound to know Sa Dingding's Alive is actually the Hundred Syllable Mantra put to music. Goodness, how on earth she managed to fabricate this whimsical oeuvre? This Hundred Syllable Mantra is a prayer for strength, protection, wisdom, guidance and that is good. Didn't know this song can be so purifying!

Sa Dingding Picture
Sa Dingding's Alive Cover!

Sa Dingding was born in Mongolia but she inherits Han Chinese ancestry from her father and Mongolian ancestry from her mother. So she is a Han-golian? So here's something every interesting about her: Sa Dingding was influenced by the music of the ethnic minorities while living with her grandmother in Inner Mongolia until the tender age of 6. She also became inclined in Buddhism and even taught herself Tibetan and Sanskrit. Wow! She sounds more like a genius to me. Or she is the reincarnation of the Buddha? Ha :D

Sa Dingding's Alive in Sanskrit!

So how do you find Sa Dingding's music? Do you know that she won the 2008 BBC Radio 3 World Music Award 2 years ago and I believe that award certainly underline her immense talent and passion for music. Hmm...I might dedicate another post for her tomorrow. For the time being I hope you enjoy Sa Dingding's Alive.

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