Sunday, May 2, 2010

CO3-My 1st Wireless Mouse

Yes, after 10 years of using computer I finally got myself my very first wireless mouse. Again and again I have been frustrated by the cable of the conventional mouse which will become haywire if it is not stored properly after use. Now I don't have to worry about that anymore if this new cordless optical mouse of mine. Folks, I give you CO3. I wonder if this stands for Carbon Trioxide? LOL :D I have been wanting to get a wireless mouse for quite some time...but the need to use AAA batteries have sort of stave me away.

Wireless Mouse,Sensonic CO3
CO3-My Wireless Mouse!

However I decided to give it a try and see if wireless mouse is really a battery sucker! Surprisingly contrary to (my) popular belief, my mouse actually lasted for a few weeks despite several hours of heavy usage daily. Awesome! And this cordless mouse of mine doesn't cost a bomb. I bought this Sensonic CO3 Cordless Optical Mouse for only RM35 (US$11) plus 2 AAA batteries. And Sensonic even throw in a carrying case to protect this mouse of yours. Very thoughtful of them.

Wireless Mouse,Sensonic CO3
This is what you get for RM35!

Honestly it is really liberating to have a wireless mouse as your surfing and clicking companion. No more wires tangling here and there. No more messy cords aching my eyes anymore. Sometimes I will slack on my sofa and surf the internet. Without the wire, it is possible for me to check my emails and do my work without needing to be glued to the laptop.

Wireless Mouse,Sensonic CO3
2 AAA batteries can be easily fitted into this mouse.

Wireless Mouse,Sensonic CO3
Click to release the receiver from its slot.

All I have to do to use my wireless mouse is to press release its receiver which is stored inside the mouse and plug into my USB port. And voila I can start using my mouse from anywhere as long as I am within its range. After that the receiver can be stored conveniently into the mouse again! The thing I love about this mouse is it has smart power saving mode. Meaning that the mouse will revert to sleep mode automatically when not in use. Cool! So do you want to have a wireless mouse too? Get it and try it for yourself.

Wireless Mouse,Sensonic CO3
Now I can surf wireless-ly! :)

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