Saturday, May 1, 2010

Sorry My Feet

This Tuesday I rekindled what had been hidden deep inside of me for a long, long time. My blood surged upon seeing them. I knew that was the perfect moment for me to unleash the beast in me...and surely I did without any hesitation...not anymore. I knew my wife was coming back later that day was then or never. I betrayed my wife. It was too much to bear and I immediately got "naked" and got down and dirty! It felt so good to be able to strip and exposed my flesh!

My Injured Feet
I am so sorry that I hurt you...

So what were you thinking? Haha :D Actually the "them" that I meant were 5 6-feet tall basketball opponents that I met. I did strip, get naked and exposed my flesh...but only my feet~lar! In other words I took off my shoes and socks to play basketball on that day. My shoes did not have any grip anymore so I had to take off my shoes and rely on the natural grip of my soles. Surely I could run way faster. We dueled for two hours. I outran my opponents and "toyed" around with them. felt so good to be able to beat those tall players.

My Injured Feet
Who cares! No pain, no gain right?

But I paid a hefty price for my momentary victory. My expensive indulgence indeed! I won the battle but I lost some "skin". My soles suffered some injuries and there were even a few balloons popping out. It hurts. At times really excruciating! Ouch...I could barely walk properly these few days. And of course my wife gave me a long, winding lecture after that. LOL :D I am so sorry my feet.

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