Sunday, April 4, 2010

Nuffnang's Final Warning For Fraud Clickers

It seems that Nuffnang's patience (or is it someone else?) is running terribly thin right now. This is evident when Nuffnang blasted close to 100,000 e-mails to urge their publishers to stop fraud clicking! In the e-mail, it is obvious that Nuffnang has had enough of Nuffnangers (publishers) who keep on clicking on their own or friends' banner ads INTENTIONALLY. But why NOW Nuffnang is being more vocal about this serious issue, even though this has been happening for such a long time? I will tell you guys later after we read Nuffnang's official email. :)

Nuffnang Click Fraud
It has become a plague.

Dear Nuffnangers,

As you might already know, there are 2 different types of campaigns from Nuffnang: Metered (mCPM) Campaigns , which pay according to the number of visitors who see the ads; and Cost-Per-Click (CPC) campaigns, which pay bloggers based on the number of clicks generated on the ads.

It has come to our attention that certain groups have been committing click fraud, which is defined as clicking on CPC advertisements intentionally just to generate earnings for a blog's owner. Do note that this act is an abuse of our Terms & Conditions under Section 6.

Banner ads are only supposed to be clicked on if the viewer is interested to find out more about the advertising campaign, and not for the intention of earning extra money. Should this situation worsen, the frequency of ad campaigns might be significantly reduced as we'll only be able to sell ad spaces on blogs with no click fraud record.

Our system is capable of tracking these illegal actions which are documented and if necessary, be used as evidence for any legal purposes. In the past, Nuffnang has suspended and banned various individuals and groups for committing this offence. However, as the number of bloggers who commit this selfish act has been growing in an alarming rate within our community, we're forced to be more vigilant and will take necessary action to ensure our other members of the community who do not engage in such act to suffer in the long run.

If you are aware of any of your friends or anyone who have been engaging in such acts, we would appreciate it if you could kindly advise them to refrain from doing so, as bloggers who are caught engaging in click fraud activities will be punished severely, either by suspension or termination.

Thank you for your attention.

Blogger Relations Department
Nuffnang Sdn Bhd

The tone of this email clearly stated that Nuffnang is going to come down hard on those errand Nuffnangers! But why? Why only now Nuffnang is willing to take stern action? My guess...Nuffnang is facing immense pressure from their clients (advertisers) because of all these invalid clicks especially for CPC ads. Unlike mCPM campaigns, CPC (Cost Per Click) ads will cost the advertisers money every time the ads are being clicked. Advertisers have to pay for all those fraud clicks which has no conversion (no sales) at all.

In the past, Advertlets has suspended some of their publishers for click frauds. A lot of these errand bloggers were unhappy but I am sure their advertisers are happily tapping their feet because Advertlets is protecting them. Perhaps this is why Advertlets is enjoying some sort of resurgence lately? Likewise Nuffnang has known about these "fraud clickers" for a long, long time but Nuffnang chose to play dumb. Some Nuffnangers even formed a group to ask their "team members" to click on their ads. Go to innit and you might stumble upon this group in the shoutbox. :D

But why previously Nuffnang didn't want to take any action? They are afraid that they will lose their faithful publishers? Or is it because they will also earn every time fraud clicks are made? Whatever the reason is, Nuffnang has finally realized that the ones who put their "food" on the table are their clients and not the publishers. Perhaps coupled with the clients (advertisers) dissatisfaction and the rise of other local online advertisement companies such as Innity and Advertlets, Nuffnang have no choice but to clamp down on those fraud clickers! And I have already seen a lot of advertisers turning to Innity for their marketing purposes. The pendulum has swung.

Nuffnang Click Fraud
Are you a fraud clicker?

Will this warning caused Nuffnang to lose more publishers? Will this e-mail backfired? Let's see what is Nuffnang's next move shall we? It will be a mouth-watering battle for Nuffnang in these coming months. So folks, do not be a fraud clickers. Only click on ads which you are really, really interested in. And I know right now you are interested in my Ads right (YOU ARE), so click on them. Haha:D

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