Saturday, April 3, 2010

LG GD910-1st Touchscreen 3G Wristwatch Phone

I believe LG GD910 is the maiden wrist watch to land on our shore. Thanks to Maxis now we Malaysians have this LG GD910 phone to wear on our wrist. I couldn't believe it was LG who has brought us this nifty wristphone! One that you can flaunt even without trying. LG GD910 is a phone that demand attention because of its unique form factor. "Now you can wear the future on your wrist!" LG boldly exclaimed! To be honest, I was salivating when I knew about this piece of sci-fi technology.

LG GD910 Wristwatch
LG GD910

LG GD910 is actually a full touch screen phone which comes with 3G! No joke. This little phone has 3G capability. How cool is that right? Besides that this baby here also has built in speaker and camera for you to clown around. Goodness, how the people from LG fit everything into this little watch? You can talk to this phone and it will talk back to you. Yep, it has voice recognition system for you to command it. You can ask it to access your contact and read all your SMS. Sounds perfect for those (like me) who wanna multitask.

LG GD910 Wristwatch

If multimedia capability is what your are seeking, LG GD910 can fit your billing! Besides able to snap photos, you can also make video calls with the integrated camera. Yes, you can make video call because it is a 3G phone. If you need a little privacy and don't want your conversation to be heard, hook up your bluetooth headset and you are ready to talk. On top of that you can have your very own music jukebox with this wristphone.

LG GD910 Wristwatch

Now, let's go back to basic. I almost forget to mention about the WATCH. You see LG GD910 lets you choose the face that you like for you "clock". There are 8 different faces for you to choose from. But I will go with its classic outlook.

LG GD910 sounds like a good wristphone right? Well...not really because we have no other model to compare it with. So being the first wristphone in Malaysia allows LG GD910 to command a high price. If you are rich and is willing to fork out RM2,899 (US$894) to have this voguish piece of technology dangling around your wrist, then LG GD910 is the one you are looking for.

This LG GD910 can be yours for only RM2,499 if you buy it from Maxis.

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