Friday, April 2, 2010

6 Reasons Why You Quit Blogging

Yesterday I said that I have to quit blogging. Well, some of you have already commented that it was nothing but a hoax for April's Fool Day right? You are spot on folks, it is an April's Fool joke. For those who thought it was real, my bad but I still have to say this...Gotcha! The whole story (or most of it) is a total fabrication I made up for the sake of fun. Then again there is some truth to it like time factor. And wife has never asked me to quit blogging. I, myself will never quit blogging because it is my passion. Besides I would be a fool to close down this blog because I can earn quite a lot per month. At least I should have sold it right? Nah, this is a blog that I will keep till I am dead. Ha :D

Stop Blogging

I believe some of us, bloggers, will come to a stage where we will question if we want to move forward and continue blogging or not right? It is inevitable that we will doubt ourselves and our efforts even though we are passionate about blogging. Sometimes we can't blog anymore due to other commitments. Anyway here are some of the reasons why people quit blogging.

1~You are not passionate enough. A lot of us (including me) wanted to blog because we can earn the extra bucks right? But doing something which you are not interested in, will only result in its demise sooner or later. Why? Because you are just doing it for the sake of money. It will come to a stage where you have no drive to sustain it anymore and simply quit.

2~Lack of traffic. For avid bloggers who wanna turn pro, traffic is the most important aspect of blogging. For traffic is like the bread and butter of our daily lives. Traffic is our blood that keeps us going. If you want to monetize your blog(s), you have to have a huge amount of traffic to keep you going. Without it, your blog is destined to go down the drain.

3~Lack of revenue. This is of course directly influenced by lack of traffic. And when you don't have the required passion and drive, you will not be able to keep up with your blog anymore. In the end the blog is being left to die. No passion+no traffic=no revenue-->Blog R.I.P.

4~Lack of satisfaction and personal touch. Unless you are a problogger who creates hundreds of blog, then it is very unlikely that this will happen to you. When your blog has little or no engagement with audience, it will give you the impression that it is dead. No one is commenting, nobody cares about your blog and eventually you will hit the delete button.

5~No more idea. This will likely affect those who are doing niche blogging. But that doesn't mean personal blogs will not be affected too. I have seen quite a number of blogger who have quited due to lack of topics. If you don't have enough content to cough out, you will stop. But I believe those who blog everything under the sun (like me) will not have this problem. :)

6~Time is ticking. Or lack of time if you like. We are only given 24 hours a day, and to some bloggers like me it is not sufficient at all. I have a FULL TIME job and a family to take care of, so sometimes it is really hard for me to blog. Is this happening to you too?

Stop Blogging
Why don't you just give it to me?

Of course there are a plethora of other reasons why you have given up on blogging in the past, feel free to share yours with us via your comments. But before I stop I would like to advice those who have just started blogging to hang on to your keyboard and don't quit. A lot of bloggers stop blogging after a few months but you should have stayed longer because your blogs have yet to reach its traffic potential. You have to be patient for nothing worthwhile comes easily. Happy blogging folks. :)