Monday, April 5, 2010

Caressing of Soul (Belaian Jiwa)

It is the day again. The day where all of us will gather and offer our prayers to our beloved departed ones. It is a heart-wrenching day for me, to say the least. Dreadful. Another grave reminder that my dearest mommy is no longer around with hurts to think about it. A few years ago, daddy, mommy, bro and me would visit our ancestors graveyards to pay our respect during this fateful Qing Ming. Everything has changed. Mommy has gone. She will not accompany us anymore. Now it is our turn to pay respect to Mommy...


Life is so perplexing. Is this God's way of telling us how fragile our life is? Or He is merely punishing us for not being grateful? Damn brutal and cruel of Him if you ask me. Ok, don't give me any sermons now. No disrespect but I still have this little resentment towards Him. Why? Because one minute your loved ones are right beside you, happily chatting with you...then the next moment...they might be gone FOREVER. That is life? I feel terribly bad for I couldn't make it in time to let my mama enjoy the luxury of life. A little too late.

Mommy And Me
I will meet you one day mama...

Now all I can do is to protect daddy just like how I have promised you in my dream after you have left us. I promise you that I will be a good boy mommy. I will always be your mischievous but filial little baby. And now I have a song for you. It makes me makes me miss you so dearly. I sing this song whenever I miss you...I sing this song whenever I ride my bike...I sing this song because I love you mommy...

Belaian Jiwa (Innuendo)

Seindah tiada lagi kau ku ingatkan
The beautiful memories of you have faded

Sayang kau hilang
My dear, you have gone my

Menanti biar sampai akhir hayat ku di dunia ini
I will come to you after my journey here ends

Kau tahu betapa ku sayang padamu
You know how much I love you

Hanya bidadari sebagai ganti
Only angels can be my relief

Hanya takdir menentukan ia
Destiny draws

Oh~belaian jiwa
Oh~caressing of my soul

Oh angin, sampaikan lagu ku padanya
Dear wind, please send this song for me

yang sedih pilu
this sad, sorrowful song

Terimalah lagu ku jadi teman hidup mu
Please accept this song as your companian

Untuk selamanya
Forever and ever

Kau tahu bertapa ku sayang padamu
You know how much I love you

Hanya bidadari sebagai ganti
Only angels can be my solace

Hanya takdir menentukan ia...
And only destiny will decide...

Oh belaian jiwa
Oh~the caressing of soul will always be in my heart...from the day you laboured me till my very last breath! are my guardian angel...thanks for protecting me and giving me the best in life. I love you mommy...

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