Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Wilchick Chicken Rice For Lunch

Hie folks, it is already 1p.m. over here. Eaten your lunch already? Or are you still being glued to your monitor, with your hands stuck to the keyboard? Take a break will ya'? Let's go makan (eat)! I had my lunch early today. 11.30a.m. to be precise. After I went to the general hospital, I rode on my bike to search for a "grazing ground". Mooooo~:D I turn to the left, I swerved to the right and I weaved everywhere to find the perfect meal. Initially I wanted to go to MacDonald again just like yesterday. But when I was in front of the big M, my taste buds suddenly decided they want something else. So Off I went to...

Wilchick Chicken Rice
Let's eat!

Wilchick Chicken Rice. I have been eating Wilchick Chicken Rice like at least once a fortnight since I was young. And I can safely say that they are one the most famous chicken rice shop in Malacca. There are 4 branches of Wilchick altogether in Malacca. What's so special about them? Hmm...I don't really know actually. But I have a special connection with them. Maybe it is because my mother used to bring me there to have our meals together when she was still around. Nostalgia might be the best word to describe my inclination for their chicken rice. :p

wilchick chicken rice
You should eat this kind of balanced lunch every day. :p

I ordered a plate of chicken rice with drumstick, an egg, some chicken intestine and a can of coke! Very balanced and "healthy" right? Haha :D I love their rice which is very fragrance and soft. And it is always nice to sip their hot, steaming soup which is not too salty. The ambiance there is equally good too. Spacious and windy. I enjoyed the scenery while sipping my gassy coca cola. Buuurrrppppp! :D

wilchick restaurant
So try Wilchick Chicken rice now. :)

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