Tuesday, March 16, 2010

I Went To Triple M (Mahkota+MPH+MacDonald)

If you have been following my tweets today, you would have known I have a hard time trying to figure out what to eat for lunch and whether I should go to MPH or not right? So after taking my afternoon shower, off I went our riding my Black Horsy. There is only one MPH here in Malacca, which is in Mahkota Parade. Parked my bike and immediately I stormed towards MPH to find for that elusive book. Why elusive? Because I went to Popular and they say all the Popular stores in Malaysia don't have that book. :/

MPH Bookstore Mahkota Parade
A heaven for bookworm.

Honestly sometimes I just love to visit MPH. IMHO is way better compared to Popular in terms of variety. There are so many books that can only be found in MPH. I wonder why? Because they are more "open" when promoting books? Actually I hate going to book stores because in the end I will end up buying a lot of books. I tend have this urge to buy good books that I love to read.

Books bought from MPH
They "seduced" me. It is not my fault.

Today I just wanted to buy one book. After I have located the book that I need, my eyes caught hold of other interesting books. Then another one...and another one...and...HABIS (as in gone)! After grabbing the 3rd book, I immediately bolted to the cashier and escaped from the clenches of those books. Phew! I end up buying 3 books. I almost succumb to their temptation back in MPH! Is like those books were hypnotizing me you know.

MacDonald ambiance
From where I "perched". :p

I glanced at my wrist watched and smiled. It is 1p.m. and that means I could still enjoy my MacValue meal. Happily I marched towards MacDonald like a kid wanting to get his Happy Meal. Browsed through the menu and I ordered Fillet-o-fish set. It is relatively cheap. Only RM6.40. Then I searched for a best spot to "snuggle". Aww....I like the ambiance there. I sat there and read the book that I have just bought. Heavenly~:)

My Macdonald Happy Meal

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