Tuesday, March 16, 2010

How I Get 1200 Unique Visitors With My Lee Chong Wei Post

Yesterday this blog of mine created history by recording 1296 unique visitors and 1,856 hits. Never had I managed to enjoy such a huge spike of traffic before. If you happen to visit my blog yesterday you would have known that it is my post on Lee Chong Wei lifting his first All England Crown that helped funnel the enormous volume of traffic into my blog! Perhaps you have blogged about Chong Wei's historic victory too, but you didn't get that much traffic right? Do you know why I could get more hits compared to the others? Nope! I know little about SEO. The secret is...

My historic post. :)

...Timing! Yes. I managed to get a huge share of the search engine traffic due to my almost flawless timing! Ha :D The moment Chong Wei's last shot was announced in by the linesman, I immediately hit the PUBLISH button and voila my blog post about Chong Wei's triumphant All England Victory was sent to the WWW! And when I checked with google blogsearch, my post about Chong Wei's victory is the first in the blogosphere. So the traffic I received was not accidental at all. :p Being first has its huge advantage especially if you know little about SEO.

Traffic jam.

So how I managed to be the first? SIMPLE. Have faith in Chong Wei. I assumed that Chong Wei will win the match. So I was actually writing about the post when the match was going on. I am pretty optimistic about Chong Wei chances. But I have to admit that I was quite worried when I saw Kenichi Tago fought tooth and nails to topple Chong Wei. So I am lucky that my post can be used. Woohoo! :)

Being first means that your source will be highly appreciated by the search engine. Of course your content gotta be trustworthy and unique. If my content is reliable and visitors kept visiting my post, search engines will regard it to be credible and hence I will have more SERP! So if you search for the keyword "lee chong wei all england 2010", you will find that my blog post appears in the first page of google alongside the giant newsportals.


This moment, I am still reaping the ripple effects of being the first. I still receive lots of traffic and temporary increased of Adsense earning. Yay! I wish I can get so much traffic everyday. Impossible. So I have to work on my SEO. If you doesn't know anything about SEO, it is ok. Time your post to perfection then. Ha :D Now you know the secret to high volume of search engine traffic right? TIMING!