Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The Siamese Cat And Its Ang Pow

It's Wednesday again right? It's been awhile since I last posted any Wordlesser Wednesday post. So I browsed through my collection of photos and I discovered I do have some pictures that can be used for this post. During the Chinese New Year, I went to my late grandma's house and saw a very cute Siamese cat. She was my aunt's faithful cat. You see, she was resting peacefully until I poked at it. My bad! It was not that I wanna wake her up but I had something to give her. And guess what I gave her? She received an Ang Pow from me~o. :D

The Siamese Cat
Me: Hie~meow! meow!
Cat: What do you want? Why you poked me?

The Siamese Cat & Ang Pow 1
Me: I wanna give you Ang Pow.
Cat: I don't want.

The Siamese Cat & Ang Pow 2
Me: They say it is not good to reject Ang Pow~ler!
Cat: Really?

The Siamese Cat & Ang Pow 3
Cat: Ok, I will take it. Meow~meow (Thank You)

Yupe! It is not good if you reject ang pow during CNY right? But who will? I hope she will make good use of the money in the ang pow. Ha :D That's all for this edition of Wordlesser Wednesday. Take care folks. :)

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