Sunday, March 14, 2010

What Will You Do If You Are Jack Neo's Wife?

I am sure almost all of you have read about the Jack Neo's sex scandal right? After Wendy Chong started the ball rolling, more and more women have appeared out of no where and claimed that Jack Neo had made bold sexual advance on them in the past. Boy! They really kicked his balls hard. What astonished me the most is his wife "undying" love for him. But the press and media were more shocked when Jack Neo's wife-Irene, told them that she had already known about his romping and love affairs a long, long time ago. She said she choose to "close one of her eyes" for the sake of her family and marriage.

What goes around...comes around.

During the press conference, Irene bravely asked the media to stop tormenting them as they have really suffered a lot. She told them that she will stand by her man because she loves him dearly. Shortly after the conference she collapsed. I kinda pity her for having to go through all this tortuous time because of her husband's infidelity. That's the price for being a public figure right? All this happened because of you-Jack Neo!

Then she blind? The question is why Irene made up her mind to stick with her husband. Why doesn't she put an end to this nightmare by divorcing Jack Neo? Or at least she can go somewhere else to seek refuge from the daunting media frenzy. Can she bare with her husband betrayal? Can she still sleep with him in the same bed? What will you do then if you are Jack Neo's wife? I think if I were in her shoes, I am going to file a divorce and leave him forever. Sometimes in life there is no such thing as 2nd chance.

Or I might grab a "parang" and kill Jack Neo. Haha :D Well, they say love is blind right? I really admire Irene for being so forgiving in this testing time. Hopefully Jack Neo will repent and cherish his family. I believe what Madam Irene wants is...