Monday, March 15, 2010

Lee Chong Wei Wins All England 2010 Badminton Crown!

Finally Lee Chong Wei wins his very first coveted All England Badminton crown. Millions of Malaysian fans including me are happy that our world number 1 Datuk Lee Chon Wei has finally ended his All England jinx. Looks like he has buried the dreaded "All England ghost" for good. Chong Wei justified his No. 1# ranking by downing Kenichi Tago of Japan who is currently ranked No. 20#. The last time we won the single All England crown was 7 years ago through Hafiz Hashim (2003). And the best part is...Lin Dan did compete in this tournament but he was not good enough to meet Chong Wei at this final!

I am so sorry about the quality.
All the photos were snapped from my TV.

Malaysia boleh!

Ok, let's go back to the match shall we? I waited 3 hours to witness this historic moment. I even needed a cup of coffee to make me stay awake. There is no way I am going to miss this. Their duel started at 12.15a.m. It took Chong Wei 45 minutes to oust Tago who is the first Japanese in 44 years to reach the men's single final.

Chong Wei really fought the battle of his life!

To be honest it was a hard fought battle for Chong Wei. Tago was really, really good you know. Chong Wei needed to use all his energy and experience to fend off Tago. In the beginning I was horrified to see how Tago managed to terrorize Chong Wei. As if Tago is the world No.2 player and not No.20! Gosh! I am grateful that Chong Wei outfoxed Tago.

He was very tired but he never gave up!

Tago was really, really fast and powerful. His blistering pace and raw explosive energy really caused Chong Wei lots of problems. Tago's age and ranking really belies his craftiness in front of the net. Moreover several of his smashes couldn't even be answered by Chong Wei. But our experienced Chong Wei managed to keep his composure and wrapped up the first game 21-18! In the second set, Chong Wei led the game right from the start but again Tago was hot on his heels UNTIL the score was...

21-19! Chong Wei won!!!

Tago who was clearly dejected.

But Malaysians in Birmingham are so damn happy.

Malaysia boleh right folks?

Woohoo! Our Jalur Gemilang!

Credits to Tago who was really, really outstanding too.


"This is the match of my life"

So congratulation to Datuk Lee Chong Wei for beating the Kenichi Tago to claim his maiden All England crown. Malaysia Boleh! Woohoo! And do you know that this is the 100th edition of All England since its inception? Chong Wei's 1st All England Crown is also his third trophies this year. He had won all 3 tournaments that he joined. I hope he can conquer the Swiss Open and help Malaysia to regain the Thomas Cup! Again kudos to Chong Wei for his success in Birmingham.

Our Lee Chong Wei-->2010 Yonex All England Badminton CHAMPION!

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