Saturday, March 13, 2010

How I Knew About Jack Neo's Sex Scandal

For the past few days a lot of us were shocked to find out about Jack Neo's affair right? Little did we know that Jack Neo is actually such a love rat that loves to romp with women. I certainly were dumbstruck when the Money Not Enough 2 director sex scandal news were plastered all over in the dailies. Jack Neo's affair has certainly rocked Merlion to the max. Singaporeans most revered director-Jack Neo, is actually a sex addict that yearns for the pleasure of flesh! He must be one of Tiger Wood's best friends aye.

And both of them love purple too.

So how did you guys find out about Jack Neo's sex scandal? Newspaper? TV? Internet? Desperate housewives at the morning wet market? Or from your "kepoci" friends in the office? Do you wanna know how I found out about his extramarital affair? I knew about it from...

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Yes. I knew about Jack Neo's affair even before the The Star and Nanyang SiangPau managed to blast it in their respective dailies. I found out about his betrayal from my blog's analytics. I was perplexed to discover that there were many search engine queries about "Jack Neo's Affair" that ended up in my blog. And the landing page happens to be my--> Jack Neo's Best Yet-Money Not enough 2 post. Totally irrelevant right? But well, that's how I got to know about it. :p

In the end who will win?

Now let's get back to the Jack Neo's scandalous sex life shall we? Previously when you think about him what came to your mind? As for me he seems to lead an impeccable family life. A good husband, a good daddy right? But that seemingly flawless life is now shattered thanks to his mistress Wendy Chong Jia Yan! You see this girlfriend of his appeared at his Pasir Mas Semi-D house and confronted Jack Neo's wife, Madam Irene Kng. Then Wendy Chong dragged Jack Neo and his wife to a restaurant to settle the problem once and for all. The negotiation lasted for 4 hours and Jack Neo, 50, finally confessed that he had been betraying his wife for 2 years to be with Wendy Chong who is only 22!

Is she shrewd or what?

Apparently 2 years ago, Jack Neo met Wendy Chong when she was acting as a nurse in his Money Not Enough 2 movie. And Wendy Chong claimed that Jack Neo would have sex with her at least TWICE per week! Goodness. So obviously all Jack Neo ever wanted was her body. So what say you? Is Wendy Chong a whore who used her body to her advantage or she is a simply poor prey? But it sounds like the latter situation right?

Maella-Jack's former sexual interest!

After their saga was made public, at least 10 more women have emerged to say that Neo had allegedly harrassed them for sex. And the latest is a half-French woman, Maelle Meurzec who said Jack Neo wanted to bed her 5 years ago when she was only 16 then. She said back then Jack Neo kept on sending her SMSes trying to lure her into hotel so that he can gratify his sexual needs. His true face has been revealed! Jack Neo is actually a seducer of women especially the young girls. :(