Saturday, March 20, 2010

Rain God Is In Malacca?

2 days ago I was shocked to read The Star newspaper front page claiming that the dry spell patronizing us will stay put for another 1 month, at least. Yes, the feared El Nino will be lingering around us till the end of April of worse still-May. A lot of dams, rivers, canals and even drains are drying up in Malaysia and I am worried Malacca will be suffering the same fate too. Just the other day, we were totally cut off from our water supply for about 1 day due to unknown reason. Hopefully it was because of maintenance and not about water shortage.

Rain 1
Yay! Rain, rain come and stay!

It is a hot tiger year alright! A lot of ny friends are complaining that the weather is unusually hot and rain has been scarce. I believe Malacca is still relatively safe compared to the other states. It has been raining these few days, much to our delight. Is it because the Rain God is in Malacca? Do you still remember that we have studied about "Looking For The Rain God" as part of our literature component in secondary school? Perhaps He likes Malacca and decided to stay here a little longer? Ha :D

Aww...I should have laid on the street...

I hope the dry spell will come to an end as soon as possible. If not a lot of problems will arise. In the mean time, don't forget to drink more water to keep yourselves hydrated. That's all for today folks. And yeah! Don't forget to pray to the Rain God ok. And do you know what you have to sacrifice as your offering? :p

Rain 3
Are you there Rain God?
Can you guys spot Him?

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