Saturday, March 20, 2010

It's Not Your Merlion Singaporeans!

Singaporeans' most iconic trademark-Merlion is mine ok! Don't touch it Singaporeans. It is not yours. Don't be so Kiasu can or not??? Well, at least the one that I am holding right now. This glimmering golden Merlion belongs to yours truly, me alone. Ha :D A few days ago I came back home and I received a different kind of letter. Why I said different? Because the envelope used was not like the ones we usually receive for our official letters. The moment I held it on my palm, I knew I was going to be lucky. I tore open the envelope and guess what I received? Yes. A Merlion. But from who...

All the way from Singapore.

Let's find out. Ouh...wait...there was a letter for me...and it read, "Hi Tekkaus, Thank you for loyally supporting my blog! Hope you like this gift as a token of my appreciation! Cheers :) Ladyviral [March'2010]" The End.

My letter... so sweet. So thank you to the ever-generous Ladyviral for bestowing the Merlion to me. I really appreciate it. So you see folks. It pays to be loyal just like how you should be loyal to Nuffnang! (pun intended) The main reason I received this keychain from her because I keep on visiting her blog even though she was missing in action some time ago.

Fine city? this is Singapore's nickname right?

I thought the keychain is really gorgeous. It is golden ok. Don't play~play~ar! I bet at least 18karat! Actually the whole thing is not about the keychain, but it is about our friendship. Again I wanna thank Ladyviral for her generosity. I wish her all the best in her new home, which is where the Merlion is-Singapore. Take care LV! :)

I got the Merlionic powerrr......

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