Saturday, March 20, 2010

The 3 Types of Earning From Nuffnang

In my previous post about Nuffnang, I have already divulged how we can increase our Nuffnang earning by 100% just by becoming a Glitterati. That's the easiest part right? Now before we go any further, it is vital for us to know how we can earn from Nuffnang. Or in other words how many types of Nuffnang earnings there are? Basically there are 3 types of earning opportunities that Nuffnang provides which are 2 Ad Types and Advertorials for all bloggers. By default all bloggers are eligible for the 2 types of Ad campaigns while the more lucrative Advertorials is reserved for "higher blogger".

Nuffnang Earning
Who doesn't want to earn money right?

The 2 Types of Ad Campaigns From Nuffnang:

1~mCPM (cost per impression campaign) You will be paid based on your unique visitors while the campaign is running. so you will be paid even though there is no one clicking the assigned ads. This is the best paying ad from Nuffnang. These ad campaigns will pay you more especially if you have more unique visitors. The higher your blog band (higher traffic) the more money you will make from the campaign. So work on your traffic folks.

Nuffnang Earning
My current mCPM buffered earning!

The advertisers are the ones who will choose whether they wanna advertise on your blog or not. How do they decide? It will depends on the demographic of your traffic (whether it is Malaysian or not etc.), your Glitterati status and the style and topic of your blog(s). So you have to make your blog (and its traffic source) very appealing to the Advertisers (which are mostly Malaysian) in order to get this high-paying MCPM!

Nuffnang Earning
My completed mCPM campaigns earning.

So if you are chosen by the advertisers to run their campaigns, you will be able to see the assigned ad campaigns which are running as "buffered earning". There can be a few campaigns running simultaneously at a single time period, meaning more earnings for you. Again, traffic is important. Once the campaign has completed you will see your final earning as "metered earning". :)

2~CPC (Cost Per Click) This is the lower-paying ad served by Nuffnang. Well, sometimes these ads don't pay a single cent at all if no one is clicking. So in order to earn from CPC Ad campaigns, your ads need to be CLICKED. Remember this equation for CPC: NO CLICK=NO $$$! You blog might be showing this CPC Ads like 10'000 times per day, but if no one clicks on it, you get nothing. So? Get more local traffic if you wanna be eligible for the MCPM!

Nuffnang Earning
My CPC earning.

The BEST-PAYING Opportunity From Nuffnang

Advertorials Nuffnang don't even openly tell you about this. This is the most most lucrative earning opportunity you may get from the Advertisers (if Nuffnang also fancies you). It is said that you can earn anywhere from RM50 to a whopping RM1,500 per advertorial. But it is also the hardest to get because you need to be qualified in order to get the Advertorial. If you don't get like at least 1000 unique visitors per days, you can stop dreaming about this opportunity. Why? Because if your blog unique visitors is low, no advertisers are willing to fork out their money for you. Your blog(s) will be deemed as WORTHLESS for their money. So? Drive more traffic if you wanna earn more.

Final Word
I have heard a lot about people complaining that they are not making money from Nuffnang. Don't blame Nuffnang though. Although favouritism and discrimination might happen in their selection to award mCPM and Advertorials, I reckon it is very rare. I still believe we can only rely on ourselves to earn more from Nuffnang. Pimp your blog and funnel in more quality traffic to your blog to increase your Nuffnang earning.