Sunday, March 21, 2010

Your Words Reflect Your Future

If you are someone who likes to talk and complain a lot then you need to read this post. Believe it or not, every single words that you utter will ultimately decide your very own future. Sounds a little far-fetched aye? Never mind, please read on and see if you still wanna disagree with me at the end of the post. You, what we say and who we say it to make a huge difference. Ignorance is always eager to speak. And the best time for us to hold out tongue is when we feel we must say something. Think about it, we're less likely to be hurt by anything we didn't say right? Speaking aloud doesn't mean you are good. And speaking the wrong thing at the wrong time is worse.

Do you like to complain

And when you happen to see someone who speak little, that doesn't make that person is inferior to you. Never judge a person's horsepower by their exhaust. We should take a cue from nature-our ears aren't made to shut, but our mouth is! So we need to listen more and stop talking too much just to defend ourselves. When an argument flares up, the person with wisdom will quench it with silence. They say silence is the ultimate weapon of power and it is also the hardest argument to dispute. How so true. Sometimes it is necessary for you to be quiet in order to be heard.

Some people speak from experience others,
from experience, don't speak.

A lot of people like to complain and criticize. Those who find the negative seldom finds anything else. It's like their eyes are blinded by their words. So live your life as an exclamation, not an explanation. All children are born optimists, then the world (me, your, everyone etc.) slowly use our "wise words" to educate them out of their so-called delusion. Can you see what is happening? The children's future were being decayed with irresponsible words.

Let them dream.

"Little men with little minds and little imagination go through life in little ruts, smugly resisting all changes that would jar their little words. Are you a "little" man or woman? The fact is, the more you complain the less you'll obtain. Keep on complaining and your life will be a complete rut! And what's the difference between a rut and a grave-timing of course.

Yeah! Good...keep on complaining!

Some people always find the bad in everything. Do you know people like that? I have seen a lot of them in my life. And how many successful complainers do you know then? I can't think of any so far. I hope none of you who are reading this post are like them! If you are. Fret not. You can still change. Do this. For the next 24 hours refrain yourself from saying anything bad about anyone or anything. Then tell me what happens. :)

The Wise Owl

A wise old owl sat on an oak;
The more he saw the less he spoke;
The less he spoke the more he heard;
Why aren't we like that wise old bird?

~Edward H. Richards~

Don't always talks bad about something. Don't be a complainer. Stop for awhile and think about your dreams. Has your dream become your hope, or your excuse? Stop complaining because the wheel that squeaks the loudest often gets replaced. Many great ideas, thoughts and intentions have been quenched by wrong words. Don't spend your life standing at the complain counter. Let's change your words; Let's change your future. It is time to be the solution! :)