Friday, March 19, 2010

How To Increase Your Nuffnang Earning By At Least 100%

If you are a new Nuffnang members who have just jumped onto the bandwagon of blogging, make sure you are a Glitterati Blogger. Don't be greedy and stuff all the other ads in your blog (advertlets etc.) and cause you to be a normal Nuffnanger! You might ask, "Why? Must be Glitterati~meh?" YES. You must be a Glitterati if you want to MAXIMISE your earning from Nuffnang. You see Glitterati is actually an exclusivity program shelved out by Nuffnang to make publishers to be more loyal to them. And they say loyalty pays. How true is that. So how on earth you can obtain the Exclusive Nuffnanger-Glitterari status? It is so easy.

How To Increase Nuffnang Earning

You will automatically be a Nuffnang Glitterati when your blog(s) don't have any advertisements that originates from South-east Asia. Meaning that NO INNITY , NO ADVERTLETS, and NO ADGITIZE are allowed in your blog(s) if you want to be a Nuffnang Glitterati! So you either stay loyal with Nuffnang or you earning will be lowered drastically. Smart way of doing business by Nuffnang huh!

Why I said your earning can be increased by AT LEAST 100% if you are a Glitterati? Simple. Because by being a Nuffnang Glitterati your pay rate and opportunities will be increased exponentially too. Wanna know how your earning will increased by at least 100%?

1~Your CPC (cost per click) ads earning will be increased by 40%, which is from RM0.15 tp RM0.25.
2~Your CTR bonus & rate for buffered earning will be increased marginally.
3~MORE ADS CAMPAIGNS will be assigned for you which are more lucrative and rewarding. Hence more earning.
4~High-paying Advertorial opportunities (if you are eligible) which can earn you HUGE amount of money.
5~More competitions=More fast cash and cool freebies.

Can you see the insane difference here? Hence I wanna make a bold conclusion that your Nuffnang earning will be increased by 100% if you are a Glitterati. Simple as that right? Just be loyal and your loyalty will be rewarded handsomely.'s something I want you to ponder deeply. Think properly and you'll agree that you DESERVE to have this 100% increment of revenue.

Why? You see when advertisers pay for their ads campaign, they actually intended to pay you (the publishers) for your effort. But because you are not being LOYAL, Nuffnang takes away the earning which is supposed to be yours. It is your own faults that allow Nuffnang to "siphon" your money away. Then again this is business right? And Nuffnang did it rather ethically and fairly.

How To Increase nuffnang earning
You see?

So what? BE LOYAL and concentrate on building your traffic which is your life and blood. Instead of stuffing your blog with lots of ads, spend more time on optimizing your blog to funnel in more visitors. Remember the golden rule-->More Traffic=More Money! So be a Nuffnang Glitterati now to increase your Nuffnang earning by at least 100%!

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