Tuesday, March 2, 2010

How Many Plastic Bottles Will Christiano Ronaldo Wear?

Christiano Ronaldo's body will be wrapped with only plastic bottles when he plays for Portugal this coming World Cup. Have you heard about it? And do you know how many plastic bottles will be dangling around Ronaldo's body? Only 8! Wow...so he is what? Partially naked? Haha :D I am sure a lot of girls (and gays) are drooling at this prospect right? Dream on. He will be putting on those 8 plastic bottles this world cup, but it is in the form of a jersey. If you are a football fans you would have known about this right?

Oic....where are those bottles?

Apparently many of the world's top soccer players will be donning their national football jerseys made from old plastic bottles at the upcoming World Cup in South Africa. Why? Well, in doing their part to make the next world cup a little bit more eco-friendly, Nike has unveiled all the official team jerseys which are made from plastic bottles from landfills. Players will be putting on these recycled shirts and millions of football fans are expected to follow suit. A brilliant idea from Nike indeed.

Do you know which countries are they representing?

Nike has claimed that these new "green" jerseys will make players drier, and cooler plus 30% energy reduction in manufacture compared to the old "dirty" jerseys. Here's something even "greener" for you: Nike has claimed that they will recycle as much as 13 million plastic bottles (29 football fields) to produce all the jerseys. Aww....suddenly I feel our Mother Earth does have a hope after all. :)

Hopefully we will see less of this in the future... :(

So, are you guys ready to do you part and wear 8 plastic bottles for this coming World Cup event? Christiano Ronaldo is ready "bare" all for Mother Nature. How about you folks? :p

Me? Why not? ;p

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