Sunday, March 7, 2010

My Unexpected Second Break Up

Sorry for not posting anything lately folks. A lot has happened to me. I could foresee some of them but one of it totally took me by surprise. I was devastated that this happened to me AGAIN! I felt my whole world has collapsed. Never had I imagined that a break up is looming. Just a few months ago we were happily together. Now everything seems to fall apart. I thought we are destined to be together. That dream failed to materialize and all that remains are just memories. Can someone tell me why this had to happen to me?


With you around I felt so safe; With you by my side I felt that I can see the world so clearly; with you supporting me I feel so comfortable. Now all the vibrant, hues and every little details in my life are gone. Everything seems so blurry and bleak right now. Why? Is it because I am not sensitive enough to your needs? Why do you have to leave me?

This is my second "break up".

Yeah! I was not talking about any relationship breakup. So if you thought I was referring about me & my missus, that's so impossible. I am actually talking about my new spectacles which my wife bought for me a few months ago. Yeah! Perhaps I was not "sensitive" and gentle enough. Then again maybe it was too fragile for me? So these few days I have some difficulties with my vision. That explains why everything "seems to fall apart for me"! LOL :D

My previous spectacles which was more trendy.

When 2 become 1.

I am disappointed because I had this new glasses like...4 months ago and now it is almost useless already? This is the second break up I have in the space of 4 months. Haih...I must be more careful in the future. For the time being I will still be desperately clinging on to this spectacles of mine (until I have it repaired or replace it). :p

Yeah! I have been going around with it for a week now.

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