Saturday, February 20, 2010

Taiping-->Malacca=4 Hours 30 Minutes?

Approximately 8 days ago I drove my wife back to her hometown and returned to Malacca by bus. The whole journey span around 1000km I guess? Then 2 days ago, again, I took a bus to where my wife belongs. Stayed a night at my wife's home; Treated my father-in-law to a sumptuous reunion dinner; and finally yesterday at 1pm, drove my beloved wife back to Malacca. I reckon the distance of the whole journey is around 500km. It was an energy-sapping 4 hours and 30 minutes-journey. Goodness! Damn tiring it might be, but I am more than happy to be able to bring my wife safely home.

Yeah! So smooooooth!

Yesterday marked the second time I have ever driven so far in a single day. 500km. Yay! So no problemo anymore. Next time I wanna drive to Thailand non-stop. LOL :D Just kidding. Anyway I am relieved that our journey was such a smooth one. No jam, no rain, no accident (choi! choi! choi! touch wood!) nothing. Thank God and thanks to my mama for blessing us. :)

On my way to Taiping 8 days ago. JAM~ar!
Do you guys have any idea where is this? :p

That's all folks. *Yawn* I desperately need to sleep right now. I will have to drive another 60km later. We will go house-visiting somewhere in Johor. Yeah! Suddenly I feel like I am a full-time chauffeur. My pleasure, but just don't forget to give me a big ang pow ok daddy, bro & wifey. Ha :D

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