Thursday, February 18, 2010

Fook-ing Around In Facebook

I Fook-ed a lot of people just now in Facebook. Gosh! It feels so damn good. I wish I could have Fook-ed more people if I have more time. LOL :D Before you jumped into your own conclusion thinking that this "Fook" is somewhat similar with the more famous FU*K, I'd better explain that it is not the same. In fact this "Fook" is very good for us especially during Chinese New Year. Fook (福) means happiness in mandarin. And guess what? This Fook (福) is one of the characters in my name. Ha :D So I would love to go around and share all the "Fook" that I got!

Actually this "Fook" that I am talking about is an application in Facebook. Created by Carlsberg, this "Fook-ing" application actually allows you to send virtual CNY greeting card/message to your friends. We are only on the 5th day of Chinese New Year, so I wanna take this opportunity to keep the prosperity flowing by giving my friends a good "fook". FOOK~ah (福~啊)! You can spread the "Fook" in just 4 simple steps ( many?):

First thing first, of course you need to LOG IN

1~The main page

2~Choose which friends you wanna "fook"!

3~Choose your "fook-ing" message

4~Voila! You have just "fook-ed" your friends. :)

You can see this message at their walls. :p

Easy right? Then upon completion, your "fook-ing" message will appear on your friends' walls. sweet right? So are you ready to "fook" around in Facebook just like me? Click here to FOOK folks. Hahaha :D Happy "fook-ing"