Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Hues of Serenity

It always fascinates me how mysterious our world can be. At times our very surrounding is so alluring, don't you agree? Beautiful alone, is not suffice for us to describe our beloved mother nature, Gaia. God's creation is so enigmatic. Take example the ever-changing clouds and the skies. The way He forms and moulds the clouds...the way He paints the sky with different hues and tinctures...His creations are simply elegant. Do you like to gaze at the sky? I love to look up into the sky and marvels at it especially in the evening.

I love the hues of serenity the huge canvas hanging on the sky exudes. The orange colour blends extremely well with the white and creamy purple to contrast against the blue backdrop. What a heavenly sight...

These photos are taken at different spots and different time. At that very moment...I feel simply at peace looking at the sky. I immediately stopped and enjoy nature's bliss. The serenity from from the sky seeps into me and make me feel so tranquil. Will you have this sort of feeling? :)

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