Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Old Classmates Reunion At Amigo

Last night, my best friend organized a reunion dinner for the former students of form 5 science 1 class and form six science classes. I was cordially invited too and he even came to my house and took me to our gathering "ground". We decided to meet up at Amigo Restaurant which is located in Melaka Raya. Once we reached the family-oriented restaurant, we were shocked (actually we expected) to see throngs of people sardine-packed the place. Some had to stand outside waiting for their tables. Goodness, why? The food is really that good until people are willing to queue up?

What's so special about it?

Guess what? Me and my best pal even resorted to standing beside those occupied tables so that we can reserve those tables. So damn "kiasu" aye! :p What to do? After a while we did manage to reserve a few tables for 17 of us. At first there were only a few of us...the others showed up one by one because is a tradition to be late in Malaysia. However I was more than happy to meet my old friends who were fashionably late. Most of us have changed. Some have grown taller, some are hairier, some are skinnier whilst others are still the same old brand new them-constant. :p

My grilled salmon.

We were 17 or 18 when we were sharing the same class back then. But now...most of us are a quarter of century (25) old already. Time sure flies like nobody business huh. Our reunion started at 8pm and I got home around 1am this morning. We surely had a lot to yak about. It is always good to catch up with our old chaps. We talked about our life, our career...about everything. feels so good to be with the people who knew you when you are still a teen a decade ago. It feels so warm. :D

Warm & cosy right?

I had a great time last night. And we already decided to make this reunion an annual event. So see you guys next year (if I am free) ok. Haha :D I am really happy to see you guys in person again after so many years, truly I am. And of course thank you to our best pal (you know who you are) for making this reunion possible. Last but not least Happy Chinese New Year folks!

P.S.: Sorry! There are no photos of my handsome & gorgeous friends because they are high-flying doctors, engineers, consultants etc. So I don't want them to be tarnished by appearing in this blog. LOL :D

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