Wednesday, February 17, 2010

All The Albinos And...

"Define: Albino is a person with a congenital albinism: e.g. white hair, and milky skins. Eyes are usually pink." That's what you will get when you try to define it in google search. We have learnt from our science class that albinism is a disorder caused by the absence of pigmentation in the eyes, hair and skins. And without these protective pigments we will be easily inflicted by the harmful UV! I really pity those with albinism. It is a curse actually. They can only come out at night and not during the day. :'(

What it is like to be an albino?

That aside, let's talk about albinism in animals...these animals look rather cool in their "white version". Are all of these animals have this rare congenital disorder? Find out for yourself folks. Make sure you look at all the animal pictures ok. :)

Rooaarr! Year of the Tiger!


Mr. King Kong


White shark? Serious?

This is real. :)

Aww...cute little baby turtles.

Slithering python


Yawn...majestic white lion

Are you OK KO-ala?

"Black"& White

Little white Bambi with pink eyes...

Brothers in arms. And...

Michael Jackson?

Hahaha :D So did I get you? Did you laugh? Come on, don't stifle your chuckles. I'm sure I got you right? Then again no disrespect, I think our late Micheal Jackson can be considered as an albino too right? Of course his condition is not natural. Anyway I hope you guys have a good laugh and at the same time learnt a little bit about albinism.